For Meeeeee? Yippee!


My friend Dianna at These Days of Mine gave me the “Kreative Blogger Award” the other day.  Isn’t it purty?!

Thank you Dianna!

Other than passing this award on to a few others, and I will at the end, this blogging award seems to have only one rule:

“Reveal interesting tidbits about yourself that you haven’t made public before”.

Mmmm…I divulged a fair amount the last time I did something like this but I’ll try to think of something interesting…


visiting - Copy I

1.  I’m not afraid to ride in the rain.  I believe a day riding in the rain is better than not riding at all.


indy @ mocha hut 081108 (2)

2.  I’m not afraid to ride my horse through a drive-thru mocha stand – course every morning we went we had to stand in line and wait our turn; not an easy task for an impatient sling-shot bay “pony”.

This was possible only because my Dad graciously and lovingly drug my horse west and then back east for me one year, just so I could say I rode my very own horse, in my mountains of Idaho/Montana – My dad rocks.



3.  I’m not afraid of guns…anymore.  After some lessons and practice I bought one; a 9mm Sig 226.  And though I’m not afraid of it, I have a great amount of respect for it.



4.  I’m not afraid of heights.  I was instantly hooked the first time I went rock climbing.  This was above and across the highway from Lake Koocanusa in Montana.

Not sure how this turned into what a “what I’m not afraid of” thing here, but I’ll just roll with it…


Paint Chips

5.  I’m not afraid of color (I had to grow into this particular confidence).  These are some of the colors on the walls in the house here on the farm.  After living with these colors for six years I still love them – especially in winter when I look out my windows and everything is white, it’s a great contrast…and makes me feel warm and happy.



6.  I’m not afraid of long, cold winters and hope that I’ve passed that way of thinking on to my boy as my mom passed it on to me.  Thanks Mom!



7.  I wasn’t afraid to brain wash my kid early…and by this I mean a love for Idaho and “Ford Trucks” as I didn’t attend the U of I…but “GO VANDALS! anyway.


So, I think that’s probably enough tidbits.  Don’t you?!

Below are my pick’s to pass this Kreative Blogger Award on to.  Go over and say “Hey”.

Real Ranch Wife (Janice Morrow) at Morrow Family Ranch.  You’ll be as impressed as I was at her “kreative” ability to use her point and shoot, plus so many of her stories are so funny.

Julie at Outtakes on the Outskirts.  This girl is pretty darn witty and I love reading her blog…it’s always something new and off the wall.  Yup, I’d say she’s “kreative” too!

and last but not least…

Nicole at The Game of Life.  I’ve nominated her before but I must do it again as she is a very “kreative” person, always has been!  Love ya Nic.

*Hey nominee’s!  No obligation to accept.  Grab the badge and pass it on if you wish.

Thanks again Dianna!


The other Dianna Winking smile (d.)


24 thoughts on “For Meeeeee? Yippee!

  1. Congratulations AGAIN you kreativ girl you! Love the photos – you are one daring girl AND no doubt you have passed that love of life and being “out there” on to your son. It will serve him well. Great pix – you Diannas are super photographers! :)

    Pam and Sam


  2. Wow, wow, wow!!!!!! Many thanks. I am so glad you like my blog. And, this is a mutual admiration society–I love yours, too!

    BTW, I am impressed with the rock climbing. I only wish I had that kind of bravery and the muscle to go with it!

    I accept and I will play along!


  3. Love the picture of you riding in the rain, the other things I remember seeing. Good job. Thankfully you like the snow yet seeing you are still in winter climate. I really can’t imagine not living in a state where you don’t have your 4 seasons, I just wish our winters were only 4 months and that we would get 4 months of fall for sure.


    1. Thank you, it’s a rare one in the rain…someone actually had a camera and thought to take a picture.
      And no, I can’t imagine not living in a four seasons climate either. I would always think of that the times I’d go down and stay with the Hitch in California over the holidays…it was always very weird not being bundled up and clumping around in the snow!


  4. Great new tidbits and of course I like the horses and the way your dad brought yours to you. It sounds like the two of you have an extra special relationship – one you seem to be passing on to your son! Nice!


  5. Ah, why thanks for the nomination!! What a great post! Love the pictures! Especially the one with Jake in the Vandals shirt!! GO VANDALS!! Oh, and have a great Thanksgiving! I’m sitting here waiting Jer and Hill to pick me up for the drive east to The Farm. We are getting such a late start it will be tomorrow before we get there….


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