Non-Traditional Traditions


Well, I’ve decided and it’s official.  I give up.   The idea of turkey, mashed potatoes and all that generic Thanksgiving fare is probably not to be for us.

The good news is it turns out we do have a Thanksgiving “tradition” in this family of ours.  We’ve had it for some time.  I just failed to admit it…

It’s not to be home for Thanksgiving.  Or anyone’s home for that matter.


Hey, not complaining here.  I know a lot of people who aren’t able to have traditional holidays with their families, least of which would be our military; at least we are together.

So, even though we are technically “off the road” (read: not with Budweiser anymore) we still seem to fall under this category of non-traditional holiday players.  Not because we have a parade to do.  Not because it’s a “travel day”.  Not because we need to get here or there for this reason or that reason.  But because nowadays it’s mostly that we don’t have close friends or family near by and it’s turns into a “why not?” situation for us.

Last year we went west to Colorado to pick up something.

This year we went east to New Hampshire to deliver something.

I’ll bet you’ll just never guess what “it” was.  Yah, right.

Up next:  The “what” we delivered and to whom.

If you know, Shhh…don’t tell.


6 thoughts on “Non-Traditional Traditions

  1. Hmm….well I suppose I could make a “flying leap” kind of guess after having looked at your LAST Thanksgiving blog – but I’d much rather be surprised so I’ll sit here patiently for your next post! Don’t keep me waiting long….. :) At any rate, at least you had an interesting Thanksgiving????

    Pam (with Sam on my lap)


  2. I think non-traditional is great! I am doing a non-traditional Christmas this year. I am going to help serve Christmas dinner at the Fischer House here at Fort Lewis for military family members who have loved ones in the hospital. I am really looking forward to it.


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