A Peek Behind The Scenes


One of the perks of being a bit “abby-normal” and non-traditional is we often get to do things the general public doesn’t get to do.

Well, that is, assuming they’d want to in the first place.



This was taken from the loft above…



this 1972 Bavarian-style hamlet (barn).



“Black Friday” morning, while we waited for the “haying crew” to arrive via the temp-agency, Todd and Jake kept Larry company while I invaded every space I dared, inside and out, chasing the light around as best I could. 



This is probably why I have way too many pictures to share…you guys have no idea!  I’m gonna blame it all on the haying crew, who’s fault it is not, for being late.  But I think I will pin it on them anyway since they can’t do a thing about from where they are!  Ha.  Ha.



This is the loft above the horses stalls.  The “before” if you will. 



Here’s our illustrious haying crew.

There were three guys plus Jake down on the ground (one guy is in the trailer).



And three guys up in the loft with Todd.

Please note:  I love those dang doors!  The lower ones too.



The crew down below brought bales from the trailer to Jake …



he took them…



put them on the elevator…



one at at time…



and sent them up to the four guys in the loft.

Repeat for 660 bales.



Meanwhile, upstairs in the loft…



Two guys unloaded the hay elevator…



on to two alternating dolly carts.









and sixty…







The two men running the dolly carts back and forth didn’t go back and forth 660 times.



No…But they did do it about 165 times.




Those numbers are a little off because they left the staging area bales there on the pavement to be fed out over the course of the next day or so. 

Okay…Bottom line:  There were 660 bales in the semi when we left the farm in Michigan and there were none in the trailer on the way back! 

(Who said I stood around and did nothing?  This photographer-thinking gig is tough!)



Mission accomplished – Loft basically full. 

This should last about three months, longer if the hitch is gone out on the road more than expected.



So while they were busy sweeping up…



I got to do some more exploring with my boy.

Jake had been here with Todd last summer delivering a load of hay and he had some stuff he wanted to show me before the public arrived. 



Next up:  Some inside details of the barn and then some of the grounds – And yes, that does include some horse shots!

*I told you there were a lot of pictures…and you ain’t seen nothing yet.  You all are gonna rip your hair out.  Really.  But please don’t unsubscribe…I’ll miss you!


17 thoughts on “A Peek Behind The Scenes

  1. Looks like you had a ball! And I’m glad to see that horse pictures will be included in the next post. What a gorgeous place…. By the way, your new header is so appropriate for the season!


  2. What a beautiful barn and grounds. What a beautiful place for a wedding. Maybe someday when Jake gettes married he will keep that in mind, and I hope we are still around to see that. The whole place is just outstanding,.


  3. Reminds me of the good ol’ days when we put up all that hay with just us and you kids…. why didn’t we think of the dolly cart? Poor ol dad carried the bales all the way across the barn one at a time!
    Love your little snow flakes! :-)


  4. I have a fun fact about the Hamlet. Jim and I have been there, and it really is a great barn, and then we flew to your wedding!


  5. YOU lead a charmed life girl-friend!!!!!!!!

    You are always at the right place at the right time!!!!!!!
    How do U manage to do that????????????????????????

    Love ya, Dot in the land of “NO SNOW SANDPOINT”, Idaho!!!!!!!


    1. Maybe it’s a case of “who you know” and not “what you know” going on here? Honestly, in my case it might very well be who I married. ;)
      No Snow?! That is not good. We have a skift of snow. Looking for way, way MORE!


  6. They got the hay crew from a temp agency??? Wow, who knew. But what a great way to gather some people who want to work! A dolly for hay….what a great idea! That would have saved some of our backs as kids, well mainly Jer. I was usually on the stack handing them down to the person on the elevator. What a fun trip!


    1. Well yah, we did or I should say Todd always lines that up.
      Ya, that dolly would be fine if you were only stacking four high and you guys went much higher than that didn’t you?!
      It was a good Thanksgiving for sure.


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