What I Like About You


You’re rock solid.



You say it like it is…



and you explain it other ways so I fully understand!



You floor me with your sunsets.



You’re a welcome sight.



You’re keep me warm at night!



Your night life is charming.



You’re delightful at dusk.



You make me say, “Wow, that must’ve taken a boom lift or cherry-picker to get that done!”



You’re so soothing to look at.



You make me wish I was born in a different time. 

(This picture is of a carriage barn restoration project taken from the rental car, the house wasn’t bad either – click picture for the original).


thanksgiving dinner

You have the best Thanksgiving dinners, albeit two days late but we’re glad we went– you didn’t disappoint!

*We drove about an hour and half from the Merrimack AB Hamlet (see previous 3-4 posts for more info) to cross the state of Maine off our list…Oh, and to have lobster and steamed clams.  Yum.  Who needed turkey anyway?


19 thoughts on “What I Like About You

  1. Maine is so beautiful. We’ve been twice, most recently last year with our friends. On that trip, we spent more time in Kennebunkport – beautiful town. Thanks for sharing your pictures, which are great – as always!


    1. It really is a beautiful town but there was one thing wrong…though we saw the tree set up in the town square we were there a week too early to watch the lighting ceremony. Darn it.
      From looking at the pictures in a store in town it’s wall to wall people and no room for a single car in the streets. Awesome. Click here: http://www.christmasprelude.com/images/gallery/gal/lighting.jpg I would put up with crowds to be there just once for that – wouldn’t you? I bet East Coast Hitch has done their parade too. How festive!


    1. It’s everything you’ve heard and more!
      Interestingly, and I guess because we are about the same latitude as they are, it looks very much like Northern Michigan…except hillier (which I LOVE) and sports more rocks on the beach! :)


  2. Oh goodness – gorgeous pictures! My hubby and I are “Maine-iacs” – we just love it and have been on several vacations there through our years. David asked me to marry him in Kennebunkport so there’s definitely something “magic” about the place! I would love to be there at holiday time though…..maybe one day……Lobster? MY FAVORITE!



  3. I just caught up on your blog I was a little behind! As always I LOVED the photos and I Loved reading all about you’re adventures! Love you! P.S. Keep up the Kreative blogging ;)


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