A Little Help From Your Friends


We finally finished up the last of the soy bean harvest this past Wednesday.

I have to say, it’s been an interesting harvest this year.



In the last five weeks it’s gone something like this:

Soy bean head on.  Soy bean head off.  Corn head on.  Corn head off.  Soy bean head on.  Now we’re at:  soy bean head off (till next year) and corn head on.

Game on!

Why all that messing around you ask?  Well, I won’t bore you with the details but lets just say it has to do with the lack of dryness and cold hard fields to drive on around here.



This is what the soy bean plants looked like for about a hundred feet from the edge of the woods in.  Kind of annihilated looking aren’t they?  I had begun to think this is what the entire field looked like until I asked Todd about it.  Deer was the reason.  Overall, the yields were good so there wasn’t any grumbling, well except for the mud issues.

If the deer out West knew about the eating conditions in these here parts, what with all the different kinds of crops in our area alone (corn, beans, wheat, oats, alfalfa), I bet there would be a massive migration in an easterly direction.  This would be worlds better than bark off trees and munching on brush.



So, lets just keep the gourmet menu here between us…ssshhhh.

The corn harvest resumes/continues here, and no doubt with a little help from our friends the deer.


6 thoughts on “A Little Help From Your Friends

  1. It is so hard to imagine you are still farming, when our fields are frozen and somewhat snow covered. I won’t tell the deer about your bounty – you have plenty there as it is. We did have a deer in the arena the other night. It must have thought this would be a good bedding down place, until the dogs were let out. hahahaha


  2. Beautiful golden photos of the fields….there’s always something to do around there isn’t there….! How do you find time to make gingerbread Clydes for that Christmas tree? Miss D – I nominated you for ANOTHER award today…..if you read my second blog about an early Christmas present you’ll see!!! Wheeeeee!

    Love, Sammy


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