I’ve been secretly wanting snow but have held off my whining till all the soy beans were in.  Corn we can harvest even if it has snow on it (up to a certain temperature), soy beans are a “no” in the snow no matter what.  I think it’s because that particular head on the combine doesn’t do well in the white stuff.

Yah, ok, whatever.

In other news…


As of December 9th, the hockey arena got all set up.  Kinda.  The end boards still need to be put on but, for reasons that I have no clue to, they wait till the ice is set.



We need those cold temperatures to descend upon us.



Has anyone see them?  If you do, please, please send it.  ASAP.  C.O.D. is fine.  This arena really needs to be up and running for a little boys Christmas vacation.



Jake says, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth ice rink”.



I guess my whining is gonna have to take a back seat till the ice is set because…



as Shelby reminded me, having it snow on this now, wouldn’t be too good.

A few Glenview Arena Facts:

  • Dimensions – 46’ x 96’
  • Size of “Ag Bag Silo Cover” liner – 50’ x 100’
  • Gallons of water – About 20,000
  • Amount of winter fun? Priceless!

Next year, I think we should have a penalty box like these guys.


13 thoughts on “Whining

  1. Wish we could help out with the snow thing BUT it’s been in the 50s here….well, today it’s in the 30s but no sign of the white stuff. Dang. They say all good things come to those who wait…..hmm…..we’ll see about that!



  2. It’s just so odd for me to read about harvesting corn in the snow….! Guess that’s because our corn is harvested in September, and we rarely see snow til January.
    Good luck with the ice!


    1. Oh to be done in September! That would be odd for us, we’re still trying to bring in third cutting hay for round bales.
      Having a four-wheel drive combine sure helps…long as he doesn’t get the “Mothership” stuck :) {knock on wood!}


  3. Do you have an official name for your “ice arena”? I think you should run a naming contest for it, if you haven’t a name yet-ALSO, I remember a certain someone in a knitted beret and leg warmers skating around on Lake Cocolalla, and she seemed pretty good on her skates way back when. The Lake didn’t afford a person to skate straight, being upright was the ONLY requirement back in the “old days”. :)


    1. Official name? Well ya, we do! It’s “Glenview Ice Arena” :)
      LOL! Yah, ok but staying upright now is a tough bill to fill.
      Remember skating down in the lower pasture when the run off would freeze? That was so fun!!


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