Night Light

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While Todd has been busy taking care of farming issues I’ve been trying to take care of more important things around here.  Well, maybe not more important but important to me anyway…

Like Christmas cards.  Presents.  Boxes shipped to parts West.  Tree up and decorated – minus the gingerbread horses cause I still can’t find my beloved Christmas cookie cutters!  (The dough is made and there it sits in the fridge because I haven’t given in yet to using the heart, bunny and dog-bone cookie cutters that I did find).  Oh, and outdoor Christmas lights.



Horse barn.



Horse barn a few minutes later.


red berry barrel1

This is one of the whiskey barrels that in the summer and fall months is filled with flowers.  I’d love to do this with all eight barrels but I can’t find enough red berry bushes.  Red willows I can get…berries not so much.



I saw a neat arrangement in a cement urn when we were in Maine and it gave me the idea to do this red berry one.  I have it next to the hockey arena here on the farm and totally plan on leaving it up till the spring thaw. 

I think it’s gonna look awesome with snow on it!



I know a lot of people that do this sort of thing with their flower containers for the fall/winter months.  My dad, for one, does something about like it, using native things from their area in Montana.  He seems to come up with a new one every year.  This one pictured is from a couple years ago.

What do you guys do for outdoor winter decorating – anything?


22 thoughts on “Night Light

  1. Lovely – positively lovely! How many times can I say I love your sense of decorating style and your eye for photography? A million times? Ok so be it and I mean it every time. We got a kick out of seeing our container on your blog!
    That one with the red berries will look good when the snow covers it – hope you get photos then too! Have I told you lately – I love you?


  2. Oh, I love the red berries! So beautiful both in the day and at night! I want to do more decorating outside but it is really hard for me to get into at a place that isn’t “mine”. Weird huh? But we do have a wreath outside this year!


  3. Beautiful! The lights at night are spectacular….the cement containers with the berry bushes – GORGEOUS. Too bad those Clyde cookie cutters are among the missing….you’ll probably find them about the time you take your tree down! LOL

    Hugs, Pam and Sam


    1. They are kinda festive huh?!
      I have a feeling there’s one or two that love them and a couple that couldn’t care less.
      I should hunt for my pictures of the lights we had on the horse’s harnesses for the Hollywood Christmas parade. THAT was always so cool! ;)
      p.s. NOTHING wrong with lazy, esp. this time of the year! :)


  4. Usually for outside at Christmas time, I just have my boxwood wreath on the door. This year I added some holly sprigs to it from our yard and some cotton leftover from the harvest in a nearby field.
    Last year, I saw the idea in a magazine to place a REAL old-timey ice skate (with the white boot) in it. But I didn’t do that this year.


    1. My mother-in-law does a neat winter display too at their house in Minnesota – it’s gorgeous. I’ve seen her figure skates on the wall in the house when she does an inside winter display – very cool.
      Your wreath sounds wonderful with the cotton and all! Too neat.


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