Ornaments, Trees and Aging


This is an ornament on our tree here in the house.  It was handmade by a friend especially for Jake long before we moved to tractor heaven here at Glenview Farms.



This is an ornament on the tree in the barn.



This is the tree in the house – minus those dang gingerbread horses and my wide red ribbon.  The tree was too wide and tall this year for the ribbon.  I tried twice, didn’t fit right.



Jake took it upon himself this year to dig out his Thomas The Tank Railroad set from under his bed and put some of it under the tree. 






This is the tree in the barn.  Also cute huh?



The tree in the barn has an ornament for every single horse this farm has ever had the honor of housing.  It’s pretty cool because even after a horse has passed on the ornament still gets put on the tree every year, just like always. 

*Extreme is still with us, his was on a lower branch and easier to take a picture of – as was Smoke’s.



And this is where I finally found my horse cookie cutter, along with all my other Christmas cutters…and ya, that spot was right under my nose.  I knew they were “in” something!  As of late last year this was a new location for them.  I must have looked at that can on the shelf in the pantry twelve times in the last two weeks!

It’s official, I might be getting old. 


20 thoughts on “Ornaments, Trees and Aging

  1. Aw, I’m smiling about the ornaments for each of the horses. And I’m smiling at Jake’s tractor ornament, because when Marshall was 4 and “into” tractors, I cross-stitched a John Deere ornament for him . I still hang it on my tree every year.
    And I’m smiling BECAUSE YOU FOUND YOUR CLYDESDALE COOKIE CUTTER! Please show us pictures of the finished cookies.
    Merry Christmas, my friend!


  2. Oh Miss D your tree(s) are SOOOOOOOO pretty! I’m so jealous of Jake’s Thomas the Tank train…..wonder if it’s too late to ask Santa for one for ME???? I think it’s really swell that the horses all get their own ornament and even after they are gone, their apple ornaments remain. Something mighty nice about that tradition. As for the “getting old” thing – my Mom says to tell you “NO WAY!!!!!”…….

    Meowy Christmas!


  3. So neat. I love Jake’s tractor ornament, and I LOVE the tree in the barn with the horses names on them. I did not realize that you guys did that. Do you suppose you could order good weather some year for us to try and make it at Christmas, and then it can snow after we get there, and disappear on our way home. Snow not bad unless the roads are slippery. It looks like we are going to have a green christmas, which hardly every happens, and believe me it just DOES NOT seem like Christmas without snow.


    1. Well “we” don’t the owner does, she’s the one who did up Smoke and Indy’s too. I thought that was wonderful of her!
      I will put in that order right now!
      We will have that same green Christmas as you too I think…our first in six years since we moved here.
      I imagine the day after Christmas it will dump four feet while I’m down in Texas too, it would be my luck! ;)


  4. Jake and I have spent many hours playing with his train sets. Glad he can still take a little time to play, with his busy schedule.


    1. He has been pretty busy lately!
      They’re, as of today, on Christmas break till January 3rd and not much hockey either during that time.
      Without an iced over hockey rink and no snow here I think he may just resort to playing with that train set over vacation!


  5. I love everything about this post! Everything looks so pretty ~ and such a hefty helping of memories and sentimentality…Christmas isn’t Christmas without it! I think it’s so special that all the horses names are on the ornaments. ….and I forget what I’m doing from one side of the room to the other. Would be helpless with something I “put away” last year! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  6. I love the barn tree! That is so cool they have an apple for each horse that has ever been in the barn. Kinda like a tree full of memories with each apple they hang up. Very neat! Oh, and I LOVE Jake’s tractor ornament! Merry Christmas!!


  7. Love your tree! I cant wait till we have tall ceilings so we can have a tall tree:) I also LOVE the barn tree it might have given me some inspiration for a theme tree someday!


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