A Walk With The Old Dog


This past Sunday night Shelby and I went for a short walk right before the sun went down.  It had snowed the night before, all of one inch (maybe), and the most to date mind you…I’m real glad I got some pictures because it’s long gone now.

I was going to put captions with some of those pictures I took but this time I’m gonna skip that this time.

Enjoy the peace and quiet – we did!

























Merry Christmas to you all!


13 thoughts on “A Walk With The Old Dog

    1. We hope you guys have a lovely Christmas too.
      I woke to it snowing this morning and it’s still snowing lightly …right…now..
      Wahoooooooo! It may not last but I won’t get picky – it’s enough that it is coming down!


    1. At first I was like “sunspots?” then I understood! Thank you.
      Yes, Shelby is, was, and will always be one of the toughest dogs I’ve ever known.
      She loved those dog cookies (past tense, she’s eaten them all)…they looked almost handmade too…we wonder if they were..?
      Love ya.


  1. Dee, all of these photos are great, but that 6th one is breathtaking.
    I’m so glad we’ve become blogging friends this year. Merry Christmas to you and your family. (Oh, and the horses, too! Tell ’em I’m coming to see ’em one day!)


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