Magic Christmas Snow


As my blogging friend MJ has pointed out, Christmas snow is magic.  Frosty The Snowman knows this.  I know this.  Do you? 

You guys who are close to me or have known me for five minutes know I adore snow (all year long if I could have it), so it starting to pile up here, finally, is more joy to me than I can express! 

So, I’m out of here.  I’m goin’ out while the getting’ is good!

I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas Eve.  Later today, I hope to come back and do a “ Meme” as MJ and Dianna did the other day.  They’re great…you can read MJ’s here and Dianna’s here if you don’t have snow to go play in right away.

Merry Christmas Eve!


15 thoughts on “Magic Christmas Snow

  1. Oh how special that you’re getting the BEST Christmas present ever with all that snow. We’re happy for you (Sam wants to hop on a plane and come visit you RIGHT NOW!). Seriously, ENJOY – every flake, every moment, every memory of this snowy Christmas!

    Hugs and Merry Christmas
    Pam (and Sam of course)


  2. Lucky duck!! No snow here just rain…. But I jumped over to your friend’s blog. Sounds fun. I think I will do a “Meme” too! Have fun in the snow! Make a snow angel for me!


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