The Same Only Different





and this, has been my view since last Monday.  Not an unfamiliar one for me as most of you know.  But, what was unfamiliar was it took place in a much, much warmer climate than I’m used to for the month of December.

When I get home, get unpacked, get caught up on sleep, get the horses kissed, the dog, boy and husband loved on and get it my act together,  I’ll tell you guys all about it.   Until then…Have a wonderful New Year’s Day!


6 thoughts on “The Same Only Different

  1. Happy New Year! right back at you, Dee.

    Have you ever thought about giving classes in photography? I have a new camera (it was suppose to be a Christmas gift for Tanya and Demian, but Demian got Tanya a new camera for Christmas so I decided to keep it for myself). It can do amazing things but I don’t know how to make that happen. I need a good teacher!


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