Ya, I Wish!

While I’m putting together the post for my “southern” adventure I just got back from, I thought I’d share the view out my kitchen window a few moments ago.


As you can see we still have zero snow.  Oh sure, we had some for a day or so but it left.  Had other places to be I guess.

However, it is a gorgeous sky tonight here in Northern Michigan don’t you think?


This is on the chair in our living room.  My sister in law made it for me for Christmas.

All I can say, other than: “I love it to pieces and it’s so me!”, is…



Snow deprived in Northern Michigan,



25 thoughts on “Ya, I Wish!

  1. Today when Dave and I came home from working out the car thermometer told us it was 54 degrees!!!! It just felt like spring (could winter possibly be over!!!). A year ago is was -10 degrees and we had at least a foot of snow. (You know that Betsy is the one to blame for the “no snow”–she got cross country ski boots for Christmas).

    Dave and I have been watching the ice fishermen trying desperately to get their ice houses off the lake this afternoon. (We are suppose to have mild temps for another week.) Most of the fishermen are having trouble because the ice as melted around their houses and they can’t get any traction with their 4 wheelers because there is no snow on the ice and they just sit and spin! So very glad we don’t have a house out there that we need to worry about. We have never seen anything like this before during the winter. How is Jake’s ice rink doing? I keeping think Dee, just wait it is sure to come and may ever come in April and May! ish!


    1. Pulling ice houses off under those conditions sounds kinda scary, but I guess they know what they are doing!
      Jake’s rink is just “okay”. He can skate on it but his dad is too heavy at this point. Not looking good for our annual hockey team skate party.
      I so hope you are right about getting some snow pack at some point this season…Spring or not!


  2. I’m glad you like the snow; me, not so much. Of course here in NC, the snow tends to be wet and icy and slicker than you know what! At the farm we have in VA, the snow is much nicer – drier, fluffy. Of course, we are at a pretty good elevation there. But I love the way it just blows off the roof of the cabin or can just be swept off the deck and porch. In NC, we have to shovel heavy snow until we reach the layer of ice beneath, and then it’s worse than if we’d left it alone. Yikes! What kind of snow do you get in Michigan?


    1. Well…when we GET snow ;) it ranges from dry to very wet. Just depends on the system coming in and on average the mid to west side of the state gets way more than we do. We get our fair share of ice on the interior farm roads (think smooth as glass) and that’s not fun, but our sand truck is a life saver for leading horses in and out. Kinda weird that this far into the season we haven’t gotten to use a lick of snow-removal equipment yet. Something tells me it’s gonna be a late Spring!


  3. Beautiful photos – LUV the pillow! This is one weird winter to be sure…..we fluxuate between temps in the 50s and temps in the single digits but only once did we see a “dusting” of snow….which lasted all of about five minutes. Oh well….whatcha gonna do? Looking forward to hearing about your “adventure” !!! Missed you!

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. I know it does no good to complain one way or the other…”Too hot. Too cold. Too much snow (no such thing), not enough snow. Not enough rain, too much rain!
      A wise little kid once said, “You get what you get so don’t throw a fit”. I have to say she’s right.
      Missed you guys too!


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