Houston – Not A Problem


Date:  December 26th, 2011

Destination:  A ranch outside Houston, Texas. 

Mission:  Assist in teaching a client how to drive four horses at once.

I met my dad down in Texas the day after Christmas.  He flew in from Western Montana and me from Northern Michigan.  I was essentially ground support while he taught a couple of gentlemen how to drive a four-horse hitch.  Him needing ground support wasn’t necessarily because the drivers were rookies, but because the horses were inexperienced at being in a four-horse hitch.



Our days started at 8:45 a.m. wherein we got picked up at our hotel and driven to the ranch.  We drove a variety of horses till noon or there a bouts, then were taken out to lunch.  We went back to the ranch and drove more, quitting about 5 p.m.  After that we were taken back to the hotel, cleaned up for dinner and ate out again.  8 o’clock was our standard bedtime and we repeated the process till New Year’s Eve, flying out first thing New Year’s Day.

Sounds like a tough gig huh?  Ya.  No.  It wasn’t.  It was pretty great!

We had such a fantastic time and here’s why:



The people were such fun to be around.


Their horses, even though none of them had ever been leaders or wheelers before, were “game”, and forgiving…


and wonderful to work with.



There were many, practically deserted, roads to drive on and…



a gorgeous half mile “track” around the large pond there on the place.



Their ranch had, in addition to 14 rescue horses, a total of four zebra’s…



and a herd of donkey’s.  This cuties’ name is Obadiah.  He liked girls best, just ask my dad.



There was a gaggle of geese…



and a herd of Texas Long Horns.

There were beef cattle and peacocks too, but I didn’t make it over to where they were.



The weather was perfectly situated in the mid fifties to mid-seventies during the day.  Though, on this particular morning it was foggy till about 11 a.m.



The food was awesome in East Texas.


Pops Pitt - Texas

I sure miss authentic Mexican food…and good BBQ!

Kinda miss my new friends too, but my dad most of all.

Thanks for letting me be your “Personal Assistant” Dad, it was just as much fun as I thought it would be.

Love ya.


p.s.  Where to next?!


15 thoughts on “Houston – Not A Problem

  1. Wow! This looks like it was a really fun trip. And I love the picture of that tiny little zebra. But most of all…. the horses!
    Glad you got to spend some time with your Dad. Thanks for sharing your pictures and the memories of your trip with us!


    1. I should have indicated that the pictures I shared were of four mares: Three Shires and one Clyde.
      At one point we drove a pair of Belgians in the wheel too.
      Being with my dad is always a good time. He’s the kind of guy that even made getting wood in the middle of winter fun.


  2. First of all, love the new look of the blog D……AND the whole trip looks like it was a blast – most especially spending the time with your Dad but also making new friends (including zebras and donkeys!!). Great photos….as always.

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. “Obie”…Oh my gosh – what a love bug he was.
      I really wanted to take that buggar home w/me.
      However, being corralled up with my horses he would’ve cleaned “Indy’s” clock and I’m pretty sure “Smoke” wouldn’t have come to his rescue! :)


    1. Ya, I guess you could say they breed them though, for offspring, they’ve only got the one baby (who’s a few weeks old) right now and the yearling…least I think he was a yearling. Anyway…they are working on gentling him (that yearling) the best they can. It’s pretty cool to watch.


  3. Very cool Pictures!! Thanks for sharing them. You are so lucky to be able to travel & spend time with your dad like this! That is awesome. Maybe he will get to drive the zebras in the spring…. love to see that!


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