Last week I had a birthday, my forty-fourth actually, and I got that one thing that money can’t buy and that one thing I always hope for on my birthday…


Yup, Snow.  It made it at last!  Ahhh…now it looks like winter!

I was so darn happy giddy about finally getting some real snow and on my birthday no less, that late in the afternoon, not long after it started coming down, an idea popped into my head…I went out and plugged all the white lights back in.  I was pretty pleased with myself that I hadn’t gotten overly efficient by rolling up all the extension cords right after New Year’s Day.  It was on my mind to do such a thing because I could see them laying there on the grass every time I walked by…not a normal sight for January.

I got to thinking:  If I had put all that stuff away, I wouldn’t have gotten to see those white lights twinkling amongst the snow laden branches for the 2011-2012 winter season.  Lets hear it for procrastination!

Also for my birthday, my son, the little/tall sweetie pie, bestowed upon me his cold.  Yah, I know, my fault…I did accept it from him so my bad. Colds happen and it’s that time of year right?  Ugh. Think I’m about over it now.  A cold wasn’t the only birthday gift he got me…He helped me pick out my very own laptop computer.  He’s thrilled because he can now reclaim ownership of his laptop – thank you very much!  I thought we were sharing very nicely.

My dad, he sent me the coolest thing for my birthday…


A Message In A Bottle.  It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve gotten in a real long time.  There’s more to it but it’s one of those “you had to be there things”.  I at least wanted to share the work and thought that went into it.  Thanks Dad.


I received other wonderful gifts all day long by way of texts, emails, cards (via the good old US Postal service), Facebook messages and phone calls.  It was a wonderful day on many levels.


As of today, the snow continues to blanket us…and finally stick to the ground…and stay right here in Northern Michigan (insert big happy face).  I think it’s going to act like winter around here now.

Above and below are pictures I took with my cell phone the other night on our drive up to hockey practice.  Luckily, a very nice coach texted us and said the ice arena was shutting down early on account of the storm so, not even half way there we turned back for the farm.  Todd was kinda miffed…”What’s the big deal?  It’s just a little bit of snow” he says.  When we got back him and Jake skated for an hour or so on “home ice”.  All was not lost.

us23 - 2

Beautiful as it was/is, coach saved us some fuel and mileage on our rig and the possibility of trading paint with a fellow motorist so we’re pretty thankful for his thoughtfulness…and thankful for cell phones.

I hope wherever you are you’ll have a beautiful, but safe, winter’s day!


20 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Belated Happy Birthday, Dee! So glad you got snow for your birthday. And that “message in a bottle” from your dad must have really been special.
    These pictures are gorgeous; how wonderful that your white lights were still on the trees!
    I’ve been missing you, girl. You must be staying busy!


  2. Oh Miss D what simply SMASHING wintry photos and just in time for your birthday too! First of all – HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY!! Mom and I didn’t know you were having one of those but then I guess we all have them once a year – yah? It looks like you got your favorite present and plenty of it. Plus other gifts and goodies which you are happy about (except for the bad cold of course). I’ve missed you!

    Kitty Hugs and Kisses from Sam
    Happy Late Birthday from both Sam and his Mom :)


  3. Glad you got some snow, your photos were beautiful. It’s snowing like crazy here right now, if Jim’s saw all the snow on Reno’s back he wouldn’t be happy, you know that horse is so babied.


    1. Thanks! We’re all glad too for some snow cover. Not more I bet, than the town businesses around here that depend on the snow-mobilers from downstate…I bet they are wildly happy!
      You best go out and pull that snow off before he comes home! ;)


  4. Every girl should have mother nature on her side for her birthday. I’m glad you shared with us all of the lovely pictures and I hope your cold is better soon so that you can get out and enjoy your gift of snow.


    1. Amen…Yes! You know Renee, I toyed with the idea of using “Mother Nature” somehow in the titling this post but in the end just went with the simplified one of “Gifts”. Pretty cool that you mentioned it.
      Rain on the way here…guess playing in the snow will have to wait a little bit more – Darn it.


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