Blue-eyed “Harley” and pasture pal enjoying each others company on a Winter’s day.



Over The Knee Winter Socks



Winter Coat



Winter Stroll…to the barn.



Me and Winter reflecting in Austin’s eye.



Earl and Fred, thinking four letter words:  Barn, Food, Cozy, Love, Warm, Barn, Food.


17 thoughts on “Winter

    1. It’s very typical of all draft horses (Clydes, Belgians, Percherons and though not as prevalent, Shires). Originally, back before the tractor was invented, the reason for it was one of safety….to keep the tail out of the farm machinery. Now we just do it for show purposes. Docking the tail makes it easy to “bun-up” to show off the buttocks of the animal. Course you gotta amp up the fly spray come summer, but out here, in the Mid-west, we need a lot of fly spray anyway.


  1. Okay, I have to tell you: Motor Man says that we can drive out to visit you! I was thinking springtime, but my, oh my, those gorgeous horses in the snow….! And I have to ask: when we come, may I please just sit on a Clydesdale for one minute…?


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