Weekends Up North


In Spring, Summer or Fall, we can be found any day of the week in the various hay/corn/wheat/oat or soy bean fields but if it’s Winter, and it is – I think, then it means on the weekends we can unequivocally be found traveling to and from hockey games on the hi-ways and bi-ways of very northern Michigan.


Sometimes, we travel as far north as the border-crossing bridge that leads into Canada.

It’s really not so bad, if you don’t mind catching glimpses of the sun rising over Lake Ocean (Lake Huron) doing 60mph. And when I say 60+ mph, I totally mean 55mph.

It’s not so bad if…


You don’t mind never having to fight traffic. {“Don’t mind never”? My English teacher is getting a ringing in her ears right this minute} Heck, never really having to get on a freeway for that matter and if you do there’s only one and you see very few other rigs.

It’s also not so bad if: You don’t mind spending quality, trapped-in-the-truck-time with your family and you don’t mind the infamous “Hockey-Smell” when certain people forget to wash up after a game.


It’s not so bad if: You don’t mind settling for pictures taken through the windows of a moving vehicle cause you are trying to beat your teammates to the game or trying to beat them back to your home town without breaking the sound barrier law – it’s a challenge let me tell you. Can anyone say, “Competitive”?

And you don’t mind eating out all the time or having one or more of the following for a meal: a granola bar, yogurt, fruit, cheese & crackers, chocolate-milk, and/or water. Bon Appétit!


And once at the game, you don’t mind the challenge of trying to find something “new” to take a picture of when your choices are always kinda limited.


My kid loves it when I take pictures of his hockey pads, over…


and over, and over again.


And most importantly, you don’t mind being a bit chilly now and then. You know why? Because it’s way better than being trapped in a tractor wishing you were outside. Or outside, in the sun sweating and forgetting to remember to apply sunscreen. Yes, that’s right, “forgetting to remember”.

Life is good. Winter rules.


14 thoughts on “Weekends Up North

  1. HA! What a great blog…..we “don’t mind never” seeing ANY photos from the frozen or unfrozen northern Michigan area as long as they’re “Pix By Dee”…….looks c-o-l-d but then again it’s supposed to look that way in winter…..right???

    Pam (and Sam)


  2. Who else but you Dee would think to take a picture of part of Jakes hockey pads and have it look great. Who are the two players at the end? Are they anyone that was on the team last year?



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