Cellphone Sunday


This is the view from the score keepers box last Sunday.

I have no idea what I’m doing when I get roped into being when I’m in there, but I do it anyway.  I’m supposed to be the “Official Score Keeper”.  It should be called “Official Keeper/Writer of All The Penalties”.  Thank God for the guy beside me who runs the buttons for the score board because it really goes without saying, he could simultaneously do my job too.

I’m totally aware that I’m just there to keep him company.

You rock Tom.  Thanks for making me look ten or twelve times smarter than I really am.


9 thoughts on “Cellphone Sunday

  1. I know Janice does not like this either. In fact I think I have heard everyone that did it, say that they did not like that. Janice said doing your shifts at the consession stands is the best of the job.

    Jake wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place that mom could stand without getting hurt watching the players and puck come flying down towards the goalie net. We could see exactly how it feels to have that coming at you.?

    Every time watch a hockey game now, I also am wondering how the goalie feels.


  2. Well, better you than me! I’m sure you do a FINE job of keeping that button-pusher company……I know close to zip about hockey – but I DID go to one pro hockey game years ago (DC’s team, the Capitals) and the thing I remember the most about it was all the blood smeared on the ice, the plastic “protection” panels all around the rink by the end of the game. LOL Yuck. A helmet-cam would be way cool – no wonder Jake wants one…..they move so fast out there on the ice it would be awesome to see things “up close and personal” (or would it????).



    1. I know more than I used to, which was “zero”, so that’s saying a lot.
      We get to go to our fair share of Red Wings games here. It’s fun to watch them but they make it look so dang easy!
      I can’t stand it when they 1.) fight and 2.) hit each other super, super hard. Ugh. Can’t take it. Especially at Jake’s level. I think it’s a “mom” thing. :) I outwardly jump or gasp out loud when one of our players gets hit or they do the “checking” as they call it. Luckily USA Hockey rules state no one can’t “touch” the goalie. Whew. This mother likes that; though stuff can still happen.
      P.S. We like the Capitals in this house!


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