Bon Appetit!


Howdy! I mean, salut! My name is Indy and I’ll be your serveur.  Just joking around, they don’t let me touch anyone’s food but my own, darn it.


Our daily guest list/reservation board here at Glenview Farms is always the same…Wait, that’s not true. Since this picture was taken, we’ve added two new horses to the list, Chief and Jacob. Anyway…


What’s on the menu never changes, though the amounts vary per horse cheval. Each of us is constantly monitored to make sure we’re carrying approximately the ideal weight for our body build/height and “work-out routine”.

Our twice a day menu, so we can stay looking like this…

…is the following:

Hors D’ Oeuvres.





Northeast Michigan Alfalfa grass mix hay.






Whole Oats. Sweet Feed Mixture (grain). Beet pulp (for moisture).

Rice Bran. Supplements/Vitamins.

Cognac. Cordials. Cigars. Café Mocha. {They wish.} Water.


Bon Appetit ladies and gentlemen y’all!


14 thoughts on “Bon Appetit!

  1. Obviously that menu is “perfecto” for you all because you’re looking MY-T-fine and fit ! Seriously – Clydes are just incredibly beautiful horses and to have so many of them in one place just HAS to be quite a sight to see. As for me? That menu is a little DRY – add some tuna juice and I MIGHT try it. ;)



  2. Did you have any stalls left to put the new horses in or did you have to add a few more? You really do have alot of horses,
    Maybe I should post a board like that, it might help keeping your weight right where you want it.
    Shelby also must have extra duties now with the two new ones. Jake must like having two with the name Jake, will they be your favorite Jake?


    1. No, didn’t have to add any new stalls but we are at maximum capacity. When we lost Wally that opened one up but our hospital stall is now taken too.
      Ya, I think we’d all benefit from a personal trainer that not only makes us exercise but monitors our food intake too!
      I think Jake’s favorites are still Chance and Ben but I might be wrong…I’ll tell him you asked.


    2. Well, besides Smoke & Indy, my favorites are: Extreme, Ben, Chance and Trooper.
      Extreme because he’s curious & funny.
      Ben because he likes to give hugs.
      Chance because he’s makes it easy when I harness him by lowering his head.
      And Trooper because he’s sweet and TALL!


  3. First nice head set on Indy.
    I would love for someone to feed me twice a day, exactly what I should be eating for ideal body weight etc. I would even eat out of a bucket. Think about it, it would be soo much easier.


    1. Indy says thanks…having all that grain in such close proximity was probably like a kid in the doorway of the candy store.
      I’m with you on the bucket thing…I too would eat out of a bucket if someone would micro-manage me!


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