Glenview Silence–What’s Not To Love?


Out of focus.


In focus.


In love.


14 thoughts on “Glenview Silence–What’s Not To Love?

  1. Is this a recent snow? Know you are loving it. It needs to be a good snow storm so maybe you will get out your quilting, or do you not have anything now that grandma hasn’t been there in awhile?


    1. Yes, that was Monday’s snowfall taken from over by the fueling area here and the other picture is from the back lane (and the truck window) as I was headed out for Alpena (had to drop the dually off).
      I still have the same quilt in the frame from when she was here last. Sad, I know!
      She’ll be here I hope sometime this summer and I really want to have it done so she can bind it for me…You know me and sewing! Ugh.


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