Last weekend at hockey in Gaylord (yes! they have mocha’s in this town), Michigan.



Imagine if you will, balloons and colorful confetti gently falling all around.



This weekend, hockey “Districts” in Mackinaw City (heck no, they don’t have mocha’s in this town), Michigan.



I still love our little tiny corner of No Where Northern Michigan, especially when that fluffy white stuff is gently falling down.


12 thoughts on “Differences

  1. I am sure that when you were out riding your horses before you met Todd you never imagined that you could be so excited about hockey. But when you think of it, it was horses that brought you to hockey.
    We are so PROUD of what Jake has accomplished. I know that Todd never could have imagined that Jake would get a shut out in hockey when it didn’t look like hockey was going to be a option.
    I still remember when Todd called, after you had been to your first Red Wing game and Jake said he wanted to be goalie, and grandpa said can’t you talk him out of being goalie. Jake knew what he wanted and went after it.


  2. Your snowy No Where Northern Michigan scenery is lovely and I bet even if there were NO mochas available there you’d still love it…..well……maybe not QUITE as much as you do now but you WOULD love it anyway!!

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. Well, I totally need something else to complain about! :)
      I look forward to going to Gaylord when we go. The drive over is gorgeous (East to West through the hills and winding roads) and once there they have one of the neatest downtown areas around, all those restored buildings, huge “Ice Tree” and kind of a Nordic theme goin on. I love it. I bet it looks good in summer too, though I’ve yet to see it.


    1. What…? Chicken wings? Kidding. We see and hear, via NHL network & Sirrus radio, plenty of Wings games around here. I think it’s safe to say once a Wings fan, ALWAYS a Wings Fan. Being so close to the Joe I bet your husband falls under the die-hard fan category! It’s amazing the following the Wings have, coast to coast even – it’s crazy. However, just to torment my kid that in any game, I root for whoever is furthest west.


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