The deer are back.  I counted these eight last Thursday in the front pasture as the sun was setting.  This herd climbs upwards of twenty-seven by the end of summer.  Please, don’t be impressed…the whole area is like this and truth be told they’re hard on rigs and crops.  However, I concede…I do like seeing them throughout the day from the house and yard.



A few days ago, I counted two competitive people practicing their parallel parking…one needs the practice and the other one…well, doesn’t.



One snow fence that didn’t get to live up to its potential…Better luck next year.



One goalie dressed for pictures on “home ice”.



One goalie pad that looks like the owner changed the oil in his truck with them on.



One goalie getting iced.



And lovin’ every minute of it – You can count on that.


16 thoughts on “Counting

    1. I was completely done taking pictures and walking away when Todd pointed in Jake’s direction…what that boy was doing laying down in the first place, I’m not sure but seems to me he was totally askin’ for it! ;) I like the look on his face afterward.


    1. I do wish there were more snow in them – a lot more.
      Now that we’re at mid-February, I’ve pretty much given up hope on getting a “real” winter this season. Darn it :)
      Here’s hoping for better winter next time around!
      Valentine’s Hugs back at ya.


    1. Thanks Renee!
      Yes I guess it is, cold I mean – though for February, actually the whole winter, it should’ve been a lot colder. We’re hoping since its been so darn “mild” (not the regular good deep cold temps) the bugs won’t be a pain this year for animals, crops and humans alike!
      Have a good rest of the week.


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