Hockey Season…Interrupted


The following is a collection of non-hockey pictures I took a couple of weekends ago when we were up in Mackinaw City. 

As you’ll see, mid-way through, I escaped the arena now and then with non-gourmet coffee in hand to get a few of these shots – Oh…and I lived thru it too!  I know…Miracle!  Just not Miracle On Ice!  Hahaha…oh yah, I kill me.  But seriously, that’s a great movie.



Lights at the arena.



Retired Coast Guard cutter in her final resting spot.



Looking back the other way.



Almost got the whole mast in the frame.



But then, see here?  I cut the masts off again!  Sorry, never photographed a boat before.  I’ll be a little more careful next time.



Mackinaw Bridge over the Straights of Mackinaw.  This is where Lake Michigan joins in with Lake Huron and technically Lake Superior. 

I think it’s very impressive – all that fresh water!



For those of you that don’t know..that’s the Upper Peninsula, “The U.P.” on the other side and it’s where we’re headed Saturday for the U.P. Pond Hockey Championships. 

We know a couple of guys that are going to be participating in it.  One of them is a guy named Ryan that has been helping Jake now and then with his goal tending.  We three (well four with Ryan looking on too) watched his buddy Jesse last year compete there – it should be extra fun to watch this weekend with both of them on the team.

Because our Winter has been lacking in the cold department, the powers that be are going to have to hold it not on Moran Bay like last year, but on an inland lake nearby.

Click here and it will take you to, what I think is anyway, a cool picture post from last year I did up when it was held on the bay looking out towards Mackinaw Island.  Click that if you’ve not seen it – it was amazing and I was instantly hooked on outdoor hockey!  

“Instantly hooked on outdoor hockey” might be a tad over zealous…it’s not that I wanna learn to skate now or anything like that…I just loved the whole…I don’t know… atmosphere of it.  And what I mean by atmosphere is…well it was just…a collective gathering of folks not afraid of the cold and making the most of winter…that and walking on the thick two-foot-plus blue ice – That in itself sent me over the edge – I could see the black rocks on the bottom of the bay! 

Way too neat and I bet it will be this year too. 

Can’t wait!



Go Ryan & Jesse’s Team!!


17 thoughts on “Hockey Season…Interrupted

  1. You had me at “Labatt Blue!” I remember your post about outdoor/pond hockey – super cool. And the Mighty Mac ~sigh~ inspires SUCH wonder, doesn’t it?

    Have fun … and stay warm! (( I wish I could tag along, I know I’d fit RIGHT in))



  2. 2 feet of ice would be awesome – this reminds me of the time the horses got out on the ice in Polson, MT – on the Flathead Lake. Six of them fell through the ice! We had to go out on the ice, put halters on the horses and somehow get ropes around them. My job was to run the long rope to shore where a team of Belgians were hitched by Pete to help drag them out of the ice hole – one at a time… it was scary – 6 horses were grunting and snorting – trying to get out of the cold water but it was too deep for them. The fear in their eyes is something I will never forget! The rope broke one time and was like a bungy cord – springing back to shore. When I went back to hold one of the horse’s head up out of the water so he didn’t go under the ice while the others were trying to climb up on him, I looked at the ice around the hole and I don’t think it was 2 inches thick.!! We saved every one of those horses, which was really a miracle!


  3. Love your sailboat pics! And that Mackinaw Bridge is amazing.

    Kayo, your story of rescuing those horses is amazing. You should write a post about it. Hooray to all of you for saving them!


  4. Sure looks COLD to me – those shots of the bridge and ice, etc. are amazing. I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time at the Championships too……hope they have some decent coffee!!! LOL

    Pam (and Sam)


  5. There’s something forlorn about sailboats in the winter. But the ice/water is beautiful!

    I love outdoor skating too, haven’t played pond (or lake) hockey since I was little though. This post made me want to!


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