My Grandmother’s Great Grandson


This baby…

He’s mine.



He still loves to play in the dirt…



Still loves his horses.



Still a “wheel” lover…It was his first word.



Still loves “Ut –O’s”.  You see, around a year or so, when we’d be walking through a parking lot (meaning me packing him on my hip), any trucks we passed that had hitches (out West some folks call them “stingers” cause they can sure bite your shins or knees if you’re not watching where you’re going) sticking out from their bumpers he’d point and say “Ut-Oooh” all doomsday like.

Now…the boy hadn’t been around long enough yet to witness me getting stung by one so I could only surmise his proclamation of “Ut-Oh” was because it didn’t have a trailer attached and was therefore dubbed a great tragedy to a very strange interesting child.



This made sense one day in 1998, not long after we moved to Indiana and consequently bought into a horse trailer business.  When he’d see a trailer of any sort hooked or not hooked to a truck he would point and say, “Ut-Oooh”.  To which I would say, “No baby, ‘Trailer’.”  And then he’d frown and say with a little more force, “Ut-Oh!”  I gave up after a while. 


4th of July 2007

For the record, from time to time he’ll still say, “Ut-O” just to make me smile.


jake the snowman

He’s kinda funny and a pretty good boy.



And it was good of him to be born on my Grandma Irene’s birthday.  She was pretty tickled about that sixteen years ago today, she still is.



Happy Birthday you two!


25 thoughts on “My Grandmother’s Great Grandson

  1. Happy Birthday, Jake and Grandma Irene!!

    Love this, post, Dee. They’ll always be our little boys…..The picture of him in the red cap goes perfect with “just to make me smile” .


  2. I’m so glad you were such a big part of our lives. Your an amazing kid—adult now, love and miss you. Happy Birthday to you and your GG.


  3. What a darling story accompanied by sweet photos…..they grow up so quickly don’t they? I’m thinking “Ut-oh” is going to be a new word around our house….I’m a major klutz and have a lot of “ut-oh” moments! Happy Birthday to two of the special people in your life!!

    Hugs, Pam and Sam


    1. Yes they do! Holy cow.
      I was told over and over when Jake was a baby that they grow up fast and I’d just nod my head and say, Uh huh. ;) I didn’t doubt them mind you, but…Now I get it and I’m the one telling new mothers the same exact thing.
      Have a great weekend!


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A GREAT GRANDSON. We are so lucky to have a grandson like you Jake. I remember seeing all the photo’s of you that are in this post and it sure brings back lots of good memories. It seems some how all the interest you had were getting you ready for the life ahead of you. LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.
    Happy Birthday to Irene also.


  5. That is a fantastic series of pictures of your son. So many great and telling shots. And seen in a historic perspective it really tells a story of how a boy grew up and developed into a lovely youth. I can sense the pride of the mother. Great!


  6. I love this post… seeing the love between Mom and son…and the history…our boys are all grown up now…yet when they come home, in this Mom’s heart like yours….they will always be my little boys:) Happy Birthday to Jake and Irene…and hoping you are having a happy day too:)


  7. What fun to read all the comments. Who would have thought at 86 I’d be able to communicate via e-mail with my special great-grandson! LOVE YOU JAKE!!!-GG


  8. What a great post! Happy Birthday Jake! You were the cutest baby ever. Well maybe it is a tie….I was a pretty darn cute baby too if I do say so myself! :)
    Happy Birthday Irene! Hope you both had a wonderful day! Oh, and congrats on the cell phone! I didn’t get my first one until I joined the Army and I was 19!


  9. A new milestone! Happy Birthday and Happy Cellphone to your baby boy! Dianna, I must say that I just adore your blog. You share so much beauty that it never fails to make me smile. I look forward to your new posts hitting my inbox. My oldest boy is also a big fan of yours. He is a horse fanatic, so he is always reading over my shoulder, or browsing your flickr stream in search of horse photos. He thinks it’s cool that we are Northern MI neighbors.

    Have a great day!


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