Sister Mercy, He’s Finally Old Enough To Have A Cell Phone!


We finally gave in to his fussing and endless “everyone my age has one” mantra and got the boy his very own phone yesterday for his sixteenth birthday and he was all…


It’s good to be a big kid.


20 thoughts on “Sister Mercy, He’s Finally Old Enough To Have A Cell Phone!

  1. Perfect photos for the big news. Congrats, Jake!
    (By the way, Mom, Jake’s thank-you comment on your blog yesterday speaks volumes about the son that you & his dad have raised…)


  2. Jake we are trilled that we were the first ones to call you on phone Doesn’t it seem all the better that it became more important to have a cell phone when you got it. Love the picture of you on the phone. You might have changed a little bit since then, or should I say a big bit?


  3. JACOB “THE BIG AMAZING GOALIE DUDE” you’re really in the modern DUDE type now . A cell phone now to call that CERTAIN someone? A Ford 1970 ” DUDE THE MAN TRUCK”, a mascot ride along chaperone named ” SHELBY DUDE ” and all dressed up in GOALIE helmet, pads, gloves, and a JERSEY that says ‘DUDE THE STOPPER.” AGAIN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB THOMAS AND HAPPY TRAILS INTO YOUR FUTURE. LOVE YOU BIG GUY


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