On Frozen Pond


I know it.  It’s a corny title but, it’s all I got. 



A few weekends ago we went up to St. Igance in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to watch the big Pond Hockey tournament.



It was a not held on Moran Bay like it normally is but was on an inland lake called Chain Lake, due to the lack of good hard, safe ice on the bay.



Even Chain Lake had issues on the far side.  I think this was due to moving water in this area.



We wished we’d been up there on Friday to watch “our” team, sponsored by The Bear Cove Inn,  play an afternoon game and then an indoor conventional game that night against the Red Wings alumni team.  A game in which they tied the Red Wings!  Ya, there’s some bragging rights there.



Our plans were to be there for their one game Saturday and the Championship game on Sunday. 



With our plan firmly in place, what we watched Saturday was just them skating around and playing against themselves because the other team forfeited.  Um…rumor had it it was because too much adult beverage was consumed the night before preventing said team from showing up. 

Hmmm…I suppose it’s possible they were just intimidated?



All was not lost because beyond the pond hockey activities there were Ice ‘surfer’s’ from different countries practicing for the following weekends’ World, yes WORLD, Ice & Snow Sailing Championships.



They had just the right amount of wind…or so it looked to me!



I love when people cooperate and smile!  Too cool.



We figure the speeds they were going were probably around 40mph…maybe faster.






I would so love to try this!  Doesn’t it look like a blast?! 



Sunday we woke to a glorious morning with the sun coming up over The Straights of Mackinaw (Mackinaw Island in the distance).  Truly, a grand day for a Championship game to decide the winner of the Pond Hockey games!



And, really, what would outdoor hockey be without a St. Bernard? 



So, this was Sunday and our team had only the Championship game to play.



The other team, who’s name I can’t remember, showed up and they wanted it almost as bad as our team did.




Bear Cove really dominated towards the end and won the “21 and Over Division”!



Have you ever seen a cooler trophy in your life?!



These guys were, once again, such fun to watch and they really do rock. 

Good job guys!

*Pictured upper middle:  The owner of The Bear Cove Inn of St. Ignace.


26 thoughts on “On Frozen Pond

  1. That looks like so much fun. I’ve never heard of “snow sailing”!
    Love that picture of the sun over the Straights of Mackinaw. Really hoping our trip plans come together for sometime this spring!


  2. I must admit that I’ve seen a “cooler” trophy…there is a photo of one in this post. :()

    I can’t imagine any better way to spend a weekend…congrats to the Bear Cove Inn team.


  3. I love your pictures especially the sunrise. You make hockey look like so much fun and I don’t even ice skate. Even that ‘snow sailing’ – which I had never heard of before – looks amazing. Congrats to the winners.


    1. Hockey does look like fun doesn’t it!? However, I think I’m more suited to the snow sailing than teetering around at top speed on two little narrow blades.
      Ha ha, you know it’s just about like being high-heel challenged – which I so am!


  4. I just loved all of your photos – felt like I was right there with ya – and snow sailing? Snazzy!

    boy that team of guys looks happy .. could it be the Beer Trophy or the sheer joy of the game? I’m thinking both.



    1. Thanks MJ! Seriously, I thought of you a couple times over that weekend. Next year – come up!
      Oh baby, it was ALL ABOUT the winning! They are a pretty competitive bunch, but such a great group of guys. The guy in the back, far left is actually a goalie and helps Jake a bunch.


  5. Oh wow that ice sailing thing looks like a LOT of fun – or it would be if I’d heard of it/tried it about 40 years ago anyway ;) I bet the whole Pond Tournament experience was a blast – and that sunrise shot you captured is spectacular too!

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. I know! Doesn’t it? Ms. Motorcycle racer, I can see that appealing to you! :)
      It was a blast – It’s just this whole family/friends thing where people from all walks of life are out enjoying winter because at some point you gotta tell yourself, Life is too short to sit in the house!


  6. Great pictures Dee. It seems like most of the winter events everywhere was moved to a different spot, due to the lack of thickness on the ice. I don’t know for sure but I think they also do the sailing around here, as I have seen something like that in the sky. However we do not know anyone that has tried it. Kind of amazing no one has.


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