Circa 1934


Meet my new-old camera “Billy”. 



Isn’t he handsome?  He’s an Agfa Billy Clack No. 51 made somewhere between 1934 – 1937.



There’s just something that gets me right “here” about these things from the past.  I’m pretty thrilled my dear sister thought of me when she decided to let it go. 



To say, “I love it” is such an understatement and I’ve not even tried to use it yet!

If it doesn’t work you can bet I won’t mind dusting it and I’m not one of those people that likes extra things to dust.  If it does work, you know what you’ll eventually be seeing don’t you?  Exactly!  Really old-looking and possibly “crappy” pictures of all the stuff I already take pictures of…what could be more than that?


41 thoughts on “Circa 1934

  1. Love the case too….very “classy” and the camera is a real “beaut” ! I too hope you’re able to get some actual use out of it but if not, it’s just a great thing to behold on a shelf !!



  2. I have been an antique collector for almost 15 years and I greatly admire “Billy”. Hold on to him and let him do his thing for you. I expect it will be magical!


  3. Dee, If there is anyone that can make “Billy” work it is you! I’m sure he will perform well for you.

    I loved Jake’s comment. I can just hear him say saying that to you.


  4. I can’t wait to see some pictures from this camera. We love watching those American Picker shows and it looks like something you would find there.


  5. Could you ask Billy for some bird pics, if he isn’t too busy that is! Can’t wait to see what he produces ~’your sister’


  6. I have a few old ones and they don’t all work and I hardly ever have film for any of them but I keep buying them because I love vintage objects and 20th century technology/style. But I also have this weird affinity for how they smell.


          1. The best part is that, even if you think it’s totally crazy, you’re going to eventually have to do it now.

            The seed has been planted.


  7. What a beautiful camera. No wonder you are in love. Sure technically there has been quite a development since this camera, but they hardly make them as beautiful nowadays. Looks like a 120 camera. Would be so fun if you are able to shoot some pictures and post on your blog.


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