To Edit Or Not To Edit?

46650001 - Copy

My new/old camera, my Agfa Billy Clack uses “120 film” which thankfully, can still be purchased today.  The image above, is the original, straight out of the camera – well kinda.  The guy at the photo shop in town, who’s super cool by the way and thought it was beyond awesome that there is a trend developing (no pun intended) of people, mostly people in their 20’s (not me) who are playing around with these neat old cameras…Anyway, what I meant by “straight out of the camera, kinda” is he developed the film by hand so he did some adjusting of his own.  Then…


46650001 - Crop300dpisepia

I did some adjusting too, in Photoshop.  I took a lot of the blue out, sharpened it some and cropped it.






Editing program.

Cropping aside…which one do you prefer?


~Somehow Getting By In Paradise


*A Side Note:  I was able to share these images without having to scan them because the film developer dude put them on a cd for me.  I bet “Billy” never could have imagined!


7 thoughts on “To Edit Or Not To Edit?

  1. The photos have such a different “flavor/image” with color adjustments……the sepia-toned look like OLD photos to me. Which do I like better? That’s tough…..I like them BOTH – for different reasons. Color somehow softens too whereas sepia seems to sharpen…..but heck – I’m NOT a photographer so what do I know?! Just the artist’s eye maybe.

    Sure is mighty purty (!) there mam!



  2. Hmmm… my comment is going to be very similar to Pam’s. I really like the color in the originals. I love your line about Billy not being able to imagine a CD! My, how far technology has come!


  3. O my goodness I cant even really answer that! They are all so beautiful… I kinda think I like the edited ones a touch more but its just so hard to say:)


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