Ranch Sitting 101

*This is a not so run-of-the-mill basic tutorial on how to ranch sit properly.


Try your best not to be sick about the lack of scenery.


Try real hard…


because it can get pretty ugly at times.


Check the weather on your laptop… a lot, preferably with your feet up…


and get a good friend to ‘spot’ ya.


One must also have a good barn cat spotter too.  Helps keep them pesky hawks, crows, eagles, Blue Herons, Canadian and snow geese at bay while you are tending to…


big Shire draft horses.


Follow the ranch dog Gus’s example and keep your muscles stretched…morning and night.


Take lots of breaks, even if you have to lay in the snow to do it….plus it helps to cool a person, or dog, down….fast.


Take a picture of your reflection in the windows, making sure you get the mountains in the background.  Mainly, to prove to yourself later that you really were there and it wasn’t a dream.


17 thoughts on “Ranch Sitting 101

  1. Boring boring boring! and still want more of it.. you sick!

    Come back,
    Love ya,

    The ColOmbian

    hush hush: bring Jake, I have some trails for him to ride a couple rivers to float. We’ll leave the rest for later, don’t wanna sound too overwhelming just yet.


  2. Heavenly…..we all feel sooooooooooo sorry for you being stuck out there in the middle of nowhere in the peace and quiet and beauty and incredible scenery and dogs, cats, horses, snow, etc. It’s a rotten job but someone has to do it !! Sam wants me to mail him there in a postage-paid box ASAP! LOL



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