A Perfect Breakdown


I took this picture up the road from the ranch. 


And this one, I took up where I used to live above Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  Both taken about ten days ago.

Not long after that my B.O.S. friend made me a music cd and on it was this song I had never heard before…


So, today, while I was going through my train and track shots I was listening to that cd and then that catchy song “Breakdown” by Jack Johnson came on.  It completely grabbed hold of me and I really started listening to the words. 

I decided then and there, those pictures and this song go together pretty darn good perfectly.


10 thoughts on “A Perfect Breakdown

  1. Wow! I love your blog! Mamma Kayo sent me here to see this post, (which by the way is great), but your blog is awesome.


  2. Grandpa said he loved the beat and you did a excellent job putting the pictures with it. It’s the fourth time he listen to it in a row.


  3. Pat Metheny wrote a song specifically for Amtrak many years ago that you might appreciate. It was featured in their commercials for years.

    I actually prefer the more recent live unplugged version.


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