Back And Forth


One minute I’m “home” in Idaho ranch sitting for a few weeks, the next minute I’m back home in Michigan, then I blink my eyes and I’m in Iowa and then “poof”, I’m home at my parents place in Montana.  You see, I arrived back on the farm in Michigan last Tuesday night and three days later…Well, here’s the story:


Every spring, for the last thirty plus years, my dad has gone to the Waverly Draft Horse Sale in Iowa to buy horses for himself or for clients.  This year was no different.


However, what was different this time around was he got to see the inside of the Waterloo hospital up close and personal.


Thanks to an emergency kidney stone removal and my husband saying “no” to me hopping on Greyhound, therefore driving me to Waverly last Saturday himself and delivering me to my dad, (who by then was missing one nickel sized kidney stone) so I could drive him home to Montana…I have arrived back out west.


Really Dad, you know I love the West and all but you needn’t go to such lengths!


17 thoughts on “Back And Forth

  1. I read your Mom’s post about your dad’s kidney stone scare! Wow – I commented that it must have been so difficult for her to be so far from him when he was ill. Good for you AND your hubby for stepping up when your dad needed you. Glad he’s okay! Are you home for awhile now??
    And yes, in reply to your comment on my post, MM and I are definitely planning a trip – probably in May!


    1. Yes, she was a bit stressed out and understandably so…but like always, kept her cool. And yes, home here in Montana for a while….probably until the truck and trailer goes back east for the Waverly Fall Draft Horse Sale! Kidding, I’m here at least until we can get a good airfare taking me back to Michigan. Good thing we didn’t plan an April get-together huh?!


  2. From what I understand, that is one painful situation to be in. So glad you were able to go to your Dad’s side and be there.

    I just love the photos … of course it takes me back to being a kid, but we only had a 2 horse hitch.

    Just beautiful.

    Happy healing to your Dad!!


    1. Thanks MJ, it’s what family does right?
      The Friesian horse, on the drivers left, in that six-abreast hitch is one we picked up and hauled back to the owner here in Montana. Sweet “Yanni” (the Friesian) was out getting the Amish Experience since the Waverly Fall Sale last year. His owner wrote me yesterday and said he was all settled in and her Quarter Horse had already put him in his place….I would imagine he was happy to comply! ;)


      1. absolutely … but I know some who can’t or don’t so it always feels good to know of someone who WILL go.

        that is funny how the QH already put Yanni in his spot. There’s a pecking order in every domain, isn’t there?



  3. Oh dearie me…..well I’m sorry to hear about your Dad – it’s always something huh? Kidney stones are – truly a pain in every sense of that word….hope he’s feeling better by now. As for you – I bet you’re ready for things to settle down a bit??

    Hugs from ME and Sam


  4. Just ask Janice she has been in the hospital with several kidney stones that were extremely painful, one of the kids was really small I think Brock. Glad to hear he is doing better, I know she was dealing with it for awhile.


  5. Oh no, sorry to hear about your dad. My husband has had several bouts with kidney stones in the past. One was pretty big and had to be blasted into fragments. More painful than childbirth they say, ugh.

    On a lighter note, I LOVE your photos, as usual.


  6. WOW-WOW-WOW……..

    Thank YOU for the news………..

    You are a big help to ALLLL who need YOU!!!!!!

    Love ya lots……I toooo am a KIDNEYSTONE patient…….I am currently being
    studied by a young man in CDA….he is a NEPHROLOGIST!!!!!!! He cares for
    me and has me on a special diet to avoid any future PAIN…stones are like
    childbirth…….tell your Dad he finally gave birth!!!!!!!!!!


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