Farm Limo


This picture was taken two weeks ago today at the Saginaw airport.  It was the day I flew in from my Ranch Sitting gig in Idaho.

Jake and Todd were on their way back to the farm from delivering hay to the Budweiser stable in Merrimack, New Hampshire.  It worked out nicely to pick me up on their way home.  This was a good thing because I’m not big on walking a hundred and ten miles anyway.  Maybe without the luggage I could do it.  But only if I had till Labor Day and constant temps in the 70’s and a slight south-west breeze, and water whenever I wanted, and someone to rub my feet, neck and back.  Oh, and hand me Red Vines licorice to chew on.  Ya, then 110 miles?  No sweat.

I wager a guess not very many girls can say they’ve been picked up at the airport by a semi waiting in the “limo lane”, complete with an extra guy to handle the luggage and Red Vines waiting in the sleeper.  Thanks and good choice on the “inflight snacks” Jake.


21 thoughts on “Farm Limo

  1. No, Dee, I’d bet you’re probably the first and only one to be picked up at the airport in a semi! And I’d also bet that you were SO happy to see it and the “crew”. How cool!


  2. Dee,
    You have THE BEST two guys in the world in your life! Know that they also consider you THE BEST gal in their lives!


  3. I bet there were a few people that had the story to tell someone of the different limo that they saw that day. I agree you have TWO really great guys that picked you up, and very much alike. Very laided back and easy to get along with.


  4. WOW….that’s some limo there Miss D! No doubt you were the talk of the airport after you, the boys, your licorice stash and luggage pulled out of the limo lane and on your way! Leave ’em wondering – that’s what I say! ;)

    Pam (and Sam)



    You are such a character……I love the way you see humor and or
    coincidence in everything around YOU.

    Please keep up the great photography and humor……You are such a joy
    to me and others!!!!!!!!

    I have been away most of the winter……… have not heard from me.
    I am just back to Sandpoint and getting my bearings on what is going on!
    I just learned yesterday that Jack Parnell has quite a breeding program going
    on here……da…..sorry. I watch his operation in passing by on Selle road and
    marvel at what all he has done there with the property. I worked for Bill
    Crouse for many years……the man Parnell bought the land from. It is
    interesting and amazing how things can change. Bill Crouse just passed
    away. Jack had given him life time tenancy in the main house. It is such
    a pleasure to have Jack and his horses in the neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya, keep in touch…..thanks…..Dot in Sandpoint


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