Crazy Driver

happiness-is-a-crazy driver -scan0101

My boy has always been crazy about driving…



or at least thinking he was driving.


At age two, it was good to be “Jake-Brake”.


The kid was a natural from the get-go.


Through the years he’s gotten plenty of practice in various fields, pastures and …


driveways spanning a few different states.




His driving abilities have never stopped at a steering wheel either.

1aDSC_0156 - 4x6

So now that he’s all “legal” and has a real drivers license, and not the paper kind that taken up residence on my visor, I can’t wait for him to start going to the grocery store so I don’t have to!



15 thoughts on “Crazy Driver

  1. That guy of yours sure loves being behind a wheel doesn’t he?! Of anything! He’s got such a great smile and always has…….now he’s a drivin’ man – I’d say grocery trips and all manner of errands are in order! Yup…..that’s the price we ALL pay when we get our licenses! LOL

    Pam (and Sam)


  2. That first pic of Jake indicating some sort of energy burst is PRICELESS!!!!! Make sure you give him a map of the grocery store before he leaves on your grocery errand. After several first attempts from Ansen, I found it was easier for him to find items on the list (after the fifth call on one trip, I had my light bulb moment!).


  3. Those pictures describe Jake to a tee. Loved the ride we got in the truck last fall Jake. Mom forgot one picture tho, the one of you flying airplane. Remember when showed the other grandchildren they had a hard time believing me for awhile that it was REALLY Jake flying the plane in that video mom and made. Happy trails to you Jake.


  4. Getting the official driver’s license is one of those moments we all remember. Congratulations to Jake and to you as well, for providing so many driving opportunities and types of ‘wagons’. My son has had a similar path from Little Tykes cozy coupe to tractors to big equipment he now drives for the county. Boys and their toys – what’s a mom to do!


  5. Congrats!! I remember my parents were pretty excited when I got mine to! M, took me right down to the DMV on my 16th birthday no less and made me drive the truck back home! Haha!


  6. Jake’s “heaven” –behind the wheel of anything that moves! Are you driving to school, Jake? (Seems to me you really had a long ride on the school bus).


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