Still On My Mind…

I’m home!

While I stumble around here, trying to get my bearings, I thought I’d post up a video of one of my current favorite songs, it might be yours too.  This is a song that just seven short days ago was on my mind as I lifted off and out of Montana making my trek back to Michigan.

Wish I could have drove through those “Fly-Over States”.  I much prefer it.  ”…feeling that freedom on my face…breathing all that open space”.  Ahhh, I can almost smell the sage brush!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


13 thoughts on “Still On My Mind…

  1. Hi D…….flying always reminds me of just how gorgeous our country really is…….endless fields, beautiful mountains, winding rivers….I bet you’re glad to be home though! :D

    Pam (and Sam of course!)


  2. That’s the way I felt about Dierks Bentley’s song “Home”. The first time I heard it, we had just returned from our trip to California. So many lyrics reminded me of our trip.
    Welcome HOME!


  3. That is such a great song!! It is so you! I get it too. I love it when I am driving and I am overcome with the beauty of what I am seeing. Awes me how great God is and makes me wonder how anyone can possibly believe this world just “happened”. It happens a lot when I drive home to Idaho, especially on the road to Moscow. The Palouse is sooo beautiful to me


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