During the winter months in Montana, the majority of my parents horses are turned out on leased hay ground to “just be horses”.



They’re pastured with the owners beef cattle and a couple of roping/cutting horses.



Nothin’ like a good Quarter-Horse butt!



So a couple of weeks ago, while I was at their place, it was time to get the horses off that up and coming hay ground and we had a round-up…of sorts.  This pictured was not the day…on this day they wanted to be caught.

Umm…of course they did.



Catching ours who were out on that hundred-plus acres wasn’t all that easy, especially when two certain horses, who shall remain nameless…mostly because I never knew their names…made our job challenging at times.



In addition to those two branded beauties, of which we didn’t want but they wanted to be wanted and tried without fail to get in the trailer by themselves numerous times, there were a few that we did want that were super simple to catch…like everyone’s favorite (me included) – sweet, rock star “Manny”.



There’s never been a human Manny didn’t love in the first two seconds.



He’s easily one in a million.


tied up 1

Him and Bentley here, who by the way is pretty great in his own right, once haltered were used as bait for the rest of the herd when the trailer came back.



All told, that periodically rain infused day, the little run-around trailer made three trips from pasture to barn.



Everyone stay calm…no sudden moves while we get your halters on ya.

Shhhh…easy now.



There, see?  That wasn’t so bad…You’ll like it back at the barn.


fencetied 1

You’ll get driven and brushed and clipped and fussed over….you remember that don’t you?

You don’t?  Bentley!  You don’t want spa treatments? 


Well then, how about this: 

Why don’t you, Rolls and Manny come help me with my own round-up here in Northern Michigan?  Make it quick…the “Round-Up” and sprayer are coming out and the war on weeds begins today!

*Note:  Pictures taken w/Nikon have “DSC” in the description.  Pictures taken w/cell phone are worded.


16 thoughts on “Round-Up

  1. Beautiful photos. Love the horses! What a great way to live! You probably hear that a lot…looks so ideal…a storybook ranch! But I would bet it’s hard work too. ~ Sheila


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