Tom Bodett and The Light


This is not Tom Bodett.  This is Ty.














This is the famous Tom Bodett.

He’s the one who delivers the Motel 6 tagline:  “We’ll Leave the Light on for You”.

Fun fact about Tom, other than he may or may not have adlibbed that line in his very first session with the motel chain, he’s originally from Sturgis, Michigan.  You can read more about this fellow in his slightly funny Biography HERE.  Or even a touch funnier HERE on his FAQ’s page.  Who knew the guy was a pretty good writer?!



This is a light…just not Tom’s or Ty’s light.  Well, yah, maybe Ty’s.



This light is not at Motel 6.



But it is at my mom and dad’s in Montana, though I think with their recent influx of students they might be feeling like Motel 6!

My dad fashioned that light, top to bottom, with his own two hands…isn’t it cool?  Motel 6 wishes they had one just like it.



Speaking of the bottom of the light, isn’t Ty just the sweetest cat you’ve seen in the last two seconds?

I think so.

Oh and “Hay-Trucker Todd”, hurry home…we’ve left the light on for ya.


16 thoughts on “Tom Bodett and The Light

  1. Ty AND your Dad’s hand-fashioned light are both way cool and both very good looking. And it takes a lot for me to actually SAY that with a cat on my lap named Sam……tee hee

    Pam (and Sam)


  2. Love the light, love the kitty! And I must say, Tom Bodett LOOKS just like he sounds! I’ve never seen a picture of him before.
    thanks for thinking of me….!


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