Planting Happiness


Because like most people around, near or at the 45th Parallel (or above for that matter) annual flowers don’t get planted till Memorial Day or better yet, after. 

It’s a frost danger thing.



So on Monday, with Jake’s help, I got the barrels here at Glenview Farms all planted.  I normally wait till the first weekend in June but we’re taking a quick trip over to Todd’s parent’s place this weekend, weirdly, also right on the 45th Parallel in Minnesota, so I wanted to get “Plant Farm Flowers” crossed off my list.



Thanks Jake, I know you would’ve rather been helpin’ your dad – You make me happy!


13 thoughts on “Planting Happiness

  1. Please do a post in August when they are in full bloom! You know that you have a “one do a kind” son, don’t you?

    Your in-laws are extremely excited about your visit. It will be great for Gene. I even had a dream able it.


    1. I’ll try and remember to get a picture this August. This will be the first year since I lived in Bonners that I will over-winter geraniums. Kinda looking forward to that.
      Ya, that kid is kinda special for sure. However, I have a feeling they all are!
      We’re excited to see G & K too.


  2. I did something a little different this year, since we had 10 days in a row of 85 degree weather in March I planted the window boxes on the barn in pansies. This weekend they were laying on there sides because of the heat and the wind but now that we are having cool weather they are standing tall and looking good. It will get way too hot for them in July, but am wondering if they will come back in the fall, since they are a spring-fall plant. Or do you plant in the fall come back in the spring, which would make them fall-spring plants. I guess time will tell.
    Have safe travels.


    1. I totally think they will come back in the fall, ours do anyway and they keep re-seeding themselves which I like because of their location. Your window boxes sound super pretty! Pictures please for the Sisters site? ;)


  3. I paired some red geraniums with purple petunias too. I like the little white flowers in your pot. I just put in some sweet potato vine to punch up the color. Isn’t it wonderful to see all of the nodding heads of blooms?


    1. I was this (**) close to putting in a sweet potato vine this year! Yes, it sure is neat to see their little “nodding heads in bloom”…can’t wait till they really fill in those barrels…or at least I sure hope they do! Best of luck with your flowers.


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