Why Is It?

Why is it that when my husband begins to work on his first ever plumbing project in this particular house he all of a sudden has this weird southern/cowboy accent?



It scares me because he sounds like Larry The Cable Guy and he doesn’t stop there.  No.  He also has moments when he also sounds like Gene Autry, John Wayne and someone else I just can’t place.  Wait…I know.  His best friend’s dad, Smokey, from Colorado.


It makes me wonder…does he do this out in the shop during the day?  Does he need some kind of an intervention?  Do I need to dial 911?

He won’t stop.  It’s day three of this, with today being the most concerning.  I may not ever have that toilet back in familiar working order…or that voice I married.



19 thoughts on “Why Is It?

    1. Oh JEEZ!! I hadn’t thought of that and Jake and I only have one iPod between us.
      I can only hope he’s left his accent w/the plumbing tools that are scattered all over the master bathroom floor.


  1. Uh oh…..the accent is an interesting development….adds a bit of spice to what otherwise would be a routine plumbing project. Tee Hee. By the way, I may allow my hubby to paint the front door but no way would I let him mess with a plumbing project no matter WHAT kind of accent he “developed” !!!



    1. Hahahah…well lucky me, I get to do all the painting stuff and appears since we’re on day four and the toilet still needs more parts that perhaps I ought to have tackled the routine plumbing project as well! LOL. As if! I know me, we’d have four letter words as “accents” flying around!
      Hope your front door project went smoothly and looks wonderful.
      Happy Weekend.


  2. Ah! I have about no plumbing skills beyond being able to maybe identify a valve, and now I may know why: I don’t do the twangy accent but instead become a bit of a Briton. Thanks for new knowledge!


    1. Well Sid, the twangy thing? Not workin’ yet as evidenced by the barrage of tools on the master bathroom floor. I fear the accent will either have to get stepped up a notch or I’ll need to get a Licensed plumber over here. Either way the project will have to resume next week because I’m trapped in the truck with Mr. Twangy for 630 miles today, I hope we can find something good on talk radio!


  3. My husband sometimes goes into redneck mode…believe me, it’s frightening how well he does it! Larry the Cable Guy and every other redneck stereotype thrown in! Maybe it’s a guy thing?! Hope your husband snaps out of it soon, and that you get your plumbing back in working order! ~ Sheila


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