A Series – The Horses of Glenview – “Trooper”

*Sorry, I felt the need to change the title of this post.  I thought it would make it easier to find the “Trooper” horse later if need be.

I figured after two years of blogging it’s high time I introduced you guys to each one of the horses here at Glenview Farms.  After all, they’re one of the major reasons we are in Northern Michigan in the first place.

Plus, this will give me an excuse to do a “series” and I always wanted to do one of those!  So, I begin my first entry in the series with a gelding named Trooper…



He’s the tallest horse in the barn.  Standing barefoot at 19 hands high (6’4”at the withers) and weighing in at 2,160 pounds.




Retired from the Show String.

Position Held In The Hitch (Team):

Left-hand wheel.


What he’d say if he could talk:

“Does this stall make me look short?”

Quirky things he does:

Somehow, while eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, gets hay twirled around in his forelock better than anyone else.  Also is enamored with watching me mow the grass around the barn and semi-truck parking area – every time I do it.

**Side Note:  I didn’t think it had been quite two years since I started this website so I decided to go back and check.  The first post was 06-01-10.  Now, you all know I don’t post up everyday, so how weird is that?   It’s my second anniversary today!

**Second Side Note:  (I know they just keep coming! )  I may have almost missed my second anniversary but I did manage to miss my 200th post.  It was the Memorial Day post a few days ago.   I guess some mile stones I slow down for and some I trip right over! 


23 thoughts on “A Series – The Horses of Glenview – “Trooper”

  1. Well, Happy 2nd Anniversary. And that’s a perfect example of a synchronicity – posting on your anniversary date without even realizing it!
    Trooper is a handsome guy – and yes, that stall does make him look short. I’m looking forward to your series – you know how I am about those horses!


    1. I know it’s fun when those things happen. Happened yesterday too. I was making Sea Salt Brownies from a recipe I’d printed off the internet and the writer of it posted the recipe one year ago to the date… 05-31-11. I’ve made those brownies only one other time before and never noticed at the date.
      Like they say, the more you look for synchronicity the more you see it!


  2. Oh congratulations on your two year anniversary milestone with the blog….we’ve loved getting to know you and your beautiful world SO MUCH! This will be a fun series – learning something about each of the gorgeous horses at Glenview. Trooper is so regal looking…..I hope he enjoys his retirement and keeping an eye on you as you mow “his” territory!

    Kitty Hugs from Sam and Human Hugs from his Mom!


  3. He really makes you take notice of him. For someone that doesn’t know much about horses, you really take a second look at him.


  4. Although I am in the South American continent, I appreciate your post, are really beautiful and artistic. Congratulations on your anniversary on the blog. It’s good to read you.


  5. Hey, congratulations on your two year anniversary!
    I don’t post daily either…I have to remind myself there is no requirement to do that!
    Beautiful horse! ~ Sheila


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