The Horses of Glenview – “Donnie”



This is a horse that could go all day and I mean All…Day.  Donnie doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit.  He has a heart the size of Alaska…giving up or giving in isn’t something that has ever crossed his Clydesdale mind.  He is a true power-house and in my personal and very biased opinion: a Belgian in Clyde clothing.





2,050 pounds


14 years


Retired from the Show String.

Position Held In The Hitch (Team):

Leader (Left or Right).


What he’d say if he could talk:

“Retirement is for sissies…let me back on the team Coach!  


Quirky things he does:

Has been known to drive on occasion, in harness mind you, on his hind legs only, proving he’s a bit of a show off.  Also loves to hang his head out his stall door and watch me mow around the barn.  Not sure what the fascination is…Maybe him and Trooper think they can do a better job, and they probably can.


18 thoughts on “The Horses of Glenview – “Donnie”

  1. Donnie is gorgeous – no – make that “magnificent”…..something about those Clydes I tell ya. Love that last photo with him looking right smack at the camera – there’s a lot in those eyes.

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. He is a sharp one for sure. As a friend of the family once said of my late Elsie dog, “When you look in their eyes you know someone is home”.
      I always liked that. I can assure you..he is very ‘home’!


  2. You know that song by John Fogerty Put, me in coach,–I’m ready to play today.
    I bet that tune is in his head as he runs those bases for this photo shot.
    I also liked seeing you and Jake in the shots. As always so fun to see your work.


    1. Oh jeez, I’m not sure I really thought this series thing through…there are 29 Clydesdale draft and 2 Quarter horses left to go. Hope you and everyone else can hang in there till the bitter end!


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