Team Green


In honor of the first day of haying season I bought these two colors yesterday at the drugstore.  I have never ever bought nor wore such a reckless color.


But because I need to get in the spirit and because I am in the hay-cutter seat in T-minus 10 minutes, for basically the rest of the season I have painted it up!


Here’s what I wish they had me driving all summer instead.

Go Green!


22 thoughts on “Team Green

  1. You would never see a blog about painted toe nail color and running major farm equipment in the same theme. Trust me when I say, you are amaaaaaaazing!


    1. “Pawsome”!! Hahahaha. Cute. Thanks Sam.
      I’m thinking I’ll never use all that green before it goes bad so I should do Shelby’s (the dog) toenails too. Could be a rodeo though, she don’t like her feet touched!


    1. Hey! You are?! I love it!
      The tractors here are all John Deere’s (hence the green polish) with the exception of our personal 1952 Allis-Chalmers (it’s orange). What color are your tractor(s)?
      New Holland blue would be fun too!
      Do it!


  2. My husband would appreciate that gesture. His family is John Deere all the way!

    You need to get yourself some yellow or gold crackle paint for a top coat!


  3. This is funny: I bought a very similar color to the “green”, and had painted my toenails that color last week. I really liked it. But, sadly, I needed to attend a visitation last night and funeral today, so I took it off and decided on a quieter pink. But that green will be back soon!
    Cute post!


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