The Horses of Glenview – “Chief”


Meet Chief.  Please excuse the bits of hay and bedding material in his mane.  We got him out of bed for these shots.  No we didn’t, but we didn’t bother to brush him off either.



Any horseman worth their salt can eyeball how tall a horse is within an inch or so. But since we weren’t sure as to exactly how tall Chief was I figured this would be a great opportunity to show those of you who don’t know, how folks measure horses. 

Here’s how it’s done:

Take your trusty measuring stick…



Position the base of the stick perpendicular to the horse at his girth area. 



This particular stick has a level on it.  Some do.  Some don’t.  This is handy because the goal is to position the horizontal part of the stick (the “arm” that goes up and down) right at the highest point of the withers.  If one is “off” and the bubble is not level then one needs to reposition the base of the stick and try again.

Make sense?

Horses are measured in “hands” which is equal to four inches.  It is literally the width of the average persons hand.




17.2 HH  (hands high)




10 years


Active and on the show roster.

Position Held In The Hitch (Team):

Glenview Six - world show- todd-n-markLG

Left leader in the six and eight horse hitch.  (Left or right position is always noted from the driver’s seat).

Extra Talents: 

Driven in the lead of the Unicorn Hitch.  Driven in Men’s Cart. (Click for examples).



*Note: The leather things on each hoof are called “spats”. Many of the Clydesdale and Shire breeds wear them when they aren’t in the show ring to protect the feathers from breaking off. 

What he would say if he could talk:

“If you’re not leading your view never changes.”

What his coach says about him:

“He’s a picky eater (hard to keep weight on him) and when I drive him he’s either on the gas or off the gas, sometimes alternating between both for the duration of a class – He can be a challenge sometimes.”

Hey Coach, in reference to food preferences, I remember back in the 1980’s a certain someone saying:  “I’m not picky, I just know what I like”.  These things have a way of coming back to haunt us huh?


16 thoughts on “The Horses of Glenview – “Chief”

  1. Oh Chief if gorgeous – no – make that VERY HANDSOME. His mouth coloring is just like Sam’s “freckles”. I love hearing what they could say if they could talk…..AND I totally agree with his quote!

    Pam (with Sam)


  2. Chief is beautiful. Here in my country are the Percherons, but your horse is off the charts. In addition we owe much to the ancestors of your horse, that has been done by them in North America and also here in the south.


    1. The Percheron breed was my first draft horse loves. And if I understand the history correctly, the Percheron, having Arabian blood is one of the purest of all the draft breeds. To me all five major breeds of drafts are beautiful, each possessing wonderful unique characteristics. Thanks for you comment Carlos.


  3. Never seen you measure a horse when we were around. I just thought Todd would run a long measuring stick along side of him, to where his neck started. That’s a city person knowledge.


  4. Thanks for this explanation. I’ve always seen this reference to horses’ sizes..”hands”…in writing, but as I am not very familiar with horses, I wasn’t exactly sure what it referred to. Fun to know! And the photos! My goodness, you must just walk around clicking all the time. What great subjects to photograph! I love the one of the team. Lucky you, to live this life! ~ Sheila


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