The Horses of Glenview – “Jeremiah”


“Jeremiah Goes To The Barber”

Jer is next horse in my series.  When I caught up with him yesterday he happened to be in the midst of getting prepped for tomorrow’s Fourth of July parade.


Jer, as he is affectionately known, loves attention of any kind, even if it means standing still for them curiously loud, vibrating clippers.  Lets just say there isn’t much that gets Jeremiah amped up.


What a ‘look’.


Lookin’ good Jer!


18.0 HH




8 years


On the parade roster.

Position Held On The Hitch (Team):

Swing position.  The team in front of the wheel horses.

What he would say if he could talk:

“I can get amped up.  Like when the crowd claps real loud. I LOVE that.  And if I’m feeling kinda sorry for myself cause it’s hot out it’s the one thing that puts a spring back in my step and I get all…”Fooor Meeeeeeee?!”.

What his coach says about him:

“What would we do without Jer?  Every hitch has one…a comic relief horse.  He’s all ours and we’re glad to have him!”


Go get’em Jer!


12 thoughts on “The Horses of Glenview – “Jeremiah”

  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. Can’t wait til everything works out for us to come visit. I have GOT to come meet these horses. (Oh, and you and your family too, of course!)


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