The Horses of Glenview – “Jacob”



17.2 HH




10 years


Active and on the show roster.

Position Held On The Hitch (Team):

Right-hand leader in the four, six and eight horse hitch.

Jacob & Chief

Extra Talents:

Driven in the wheel for the Unicorn Hitch class.  Driven in the cart for Ladies Cart class.


What he would say if he could talk:

“I bet Old Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra) wouldn’t have stood a chance with me near by…Yah, the chic’s dig me.”

What his coach says about him:

“He does his job with never so much as a hesitation.”  


15 thoughts on “The Horses of Glenview – “Jacob”

    1. Hi and thanks!
      I use a Nikon D90 and for those shots I used my 18-105mm lens.
      I see you’re from Denmark?…That’s a long way away! ;) Isn’t the internet great for stuff like this?!
      Thanks for stopping by.


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