My parents have recently returned home from Alaska and I thought I’d share what they were up to “up there”! Someday, I swear to goodness, I’m gonna try my hand at being a stow-away!

Fraser School of Driving

The highway to Homer is one of the most beautiful drives in the country!


I just wanted you to see part of the scenery. The photo below is coming into the Homer area.


The clinic was held at the Equestrian park with a nice round pen and arena.


Alex gave a little chat to the people before they started with the horses and asked if there were any questions. Like the previous clinic in Butte/Palmer, most everyone was a beginning driver and not many of them had trained horses.


Alex showed everyone how to fit and adjust harness. This step was repeated for each horse.


Angelia Trujillo from Anchorage set up these clinics and was planning to bring her horse and carriage for people to drive, but she had an accident the day before we arrived in Alaska and was in the hospital the whole two weeks we were there…

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