This Is The Way We…


Clean the barn…


Clean the barn…


Clean the barn.


This is the way we clean the barn…364 days a year! 


Ok, I can’t say “we” anymore.  I no longer help out.  As in, pitch manure from my own two dang stalls out to the manure trailer in the aisle.  But these kids do…for thirty-three stalls mind you and I’m here to tell ya they rock!


This sweet cat, “Boots”, I used to call her The Barn Nazi.  She always made sure I was doing a good job otherwise she’d come sit on my feet and make me pet her till I got it right.  I miss cleaning stalls with her too.


This is the barn vacuum in use.  I know, to some of you it’s probably weird – vacuuming the barn floor.  However, the standard procedure of sweeping, in this length of barn, only makes a boat load of dust. 


In case you think I’m really whacked out and just willy-nilly take pictures of all the tools in the barn, I’m here to tell ya the answer to that is, “No”. 

The thing is Todd was having issues getting a replacement bag (see clamps on bag).  Apparently, the sucker (Ha Ha) is an older model and he needed images to email to the manufacturer so he could procure the correct one.  I think the kerfluggle was finally resolved and the Billy Goat is back doing what it does best…


Making the barn look good in a timely, dust free manner for all its residents!


19 thoughts on “This Is The Way We…

  1. Lookin’ GOOOOD! I’m not sure I’d enjoy cleaning the poop either BUT bless those kids for handling (!) that for you…….the barn looks SPECTACULAR after the vacuum’s been through there. And all the residents must think so too because they’re all standing there lookin’ proud of their barn and their stalls! Great shots D……..

    Pam (and Sam)


  2. I was afraid I was going to have to try to come up with a half intelligent comment about cleaning barns until I saw that last picture, which I do have something to say about – I love that shot! And your header photo is gorgeous.


  3. Yes, that last photo is gorgeous – I love how they’re all looking out of their stalls. By the way, hubby and I own a car wash, and we use a Billy Goat to vacuum up around the perimeter of that too!


    1. Thanks Tim! Maybe by looking around here more you’ll miss it less?! ;)
      You know how it can be…crazy, frustrating and mind blowing wonderful all in the course of 12 minutes!
      Happy Weekend to you,


  4. great composition and story… oh how i remember cleaning the dairy – Maryland Milk Inspectors were tough in those days… hopefully they still are… beautiful horses!


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