Right There With You

Show season is underway and for the last week images have been floating in.  Here’s what they’re sending me…

0630120743a - Copy

Monday – Somewhere south of Northern Michigan, a.k.a., Southern Michigan.  The Three Amigo’s – Harley, Ben and Extreme.


Tuesday – Standing ready to roll at a horse show in Mason, Michigan.  Ben and Chance.


Wednesday – Goshen, Indiana site of the Elkhart County Fair.

Todd reminded me the other night that it was here, twenty-three years ago this week, that we made our engagement to be married official.


Friday – Opening Night at the Elkhart County Fair. Goshen, Indiana – Todd’s phone.

I remember Goshen was the first draft horse show of our six-week summer show season.

I remember us leaving the fairgrounds to go and pick up my ring as it was done being sized. 

I remember never experiencing such hot, humid weather in all my life. 

I remember there weren’t any hot air balloons at that fair back then. 

I remember self-consciously but excitedly wearing my gorgeous ring for the first time that night.

I remember after the six weeks was up Todd was gone with Budweiser. 

I remember never tasting better lemonade in my life.

I remember being twenty-two…or six years older than my boy is now.  (Reality check).

I remember it was just yesterday.


Still Friday night – Jake’s phone.  Must’ve been quite the sight, all those balloons lit up in the night sky over head.  I’ve had the joy of seeing hoards of them in the air during the day but never at night like that.  Very cool.


Saturday – Standing ready to put on a driving exhibition, one that they will be doing daily in front of the grand stand for the next week. 


The wagon, tongue, swing pole, neck yokes and double trees cleaned and polished…ready and waiting.  Looks good Jake!


Saturday – This shot of Jacob and Chief (the leaders of the six-horse hitch) at the wash rack courtesy of Todd’s cousin.  Real nice shot Betsy!  Looks like Chief has his sights set on something in the distance…Maybe the rides on the Midway?  Maybe corndogs and lemonade!  Oh yum.

Keep’em coming everyone…I feel like I’m right there with you.  Except of course, I have air-conditioning.


~Bratty But Nice-n-Cool in Michigan, a.k.a., Mom/d.

P.S.  I also remember that “little Betsy”, who for a few weeks, was the only one that knew Todd and I were going to be married.  Amazing what memories come flooding back when you start writing things down.


24 thoughts on “Right There With You

  1. Memories……one of the joys of writing things down indeed! Great photos – no doubt everyone is enjoying themselves but just remember – you’ve got that A/C to keep you cool and those memories to keep you warm.

    Pam (and Sam)


  2. Thanks for using my photo and giving me a shout ou in the blog post! It feels like both yesterday and a million years ago that we were doing the fair thing. I remember thinking I was pretty big stuff that I got to know about your engagement before almost everyone else! So glad I got to grow up with you two around! I was a prett lucky kid


  3. The pictures are great, but I really loved reading your memories of your engagement. And I know what you mean about the reality check when we start thinking back to the time that we were the age our children are now….Wow.
    We’re still planning a trip to see you – perhaps in the fall? We’ll have to chat by e-mail to see how your schedule is during that time of year.


  4. i always enjoy your posts – memories and photos… sea breezes are the best ACs… i’ll send you samples in an email :)
    David in Maine USA


    1. Thank you for your nice words! I have to say our Lake Huron just up the road about a 1/2 mile does make a great a/c…when the wind is coming out of the east anyway. Love a good salty sea breeze though, if you can get that in an email I’ll be beyond impressed.


  5. The stuff you don’t learn from your blogging Dee! I never know that Betsy was the “privilege one” regarding your engagement! What a BIG secret for her to keep. She sure can be trusted with the best of secrets. Good job Betsy! Also what fun memories for all of the Radermacher family. I’m also having good memories right now with Tanya & Demian 1st wedding anniversary. Love must be in the air in July.


    1. I don’t think till now I’ve ever said that she was the only one that knew, I think I had forgotten all about it. She’s good alright…she knew for close to three weeks.
      Memories, it’s the one thing that never changes…Thankfully! :)


  6. How fun to read your blog, and bring back those memories. Did you ever think that you would have a son working at that same fair on the same week when you got your ring?. I do remember hearing that Betsy was the first one to know. I loved the shots of the ballons, in all the pictures you see you never see the night shots. Remember the hot air ballons taking off from where Janice and Jay had their reception?


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