Mystery Photos 1-4

The Eight B4 Parade

Because my boy personal-private-photographer doesn’t add descriptions to the pictures he sends via text messaging it took me a minute to figure the “where” of this one out.  I think he likes trying to stump me.  He wins a lot.  And yes, he could be a bit too busy and I’m pretty lucky he sends me anything at all.

The “where” looks like under the trees at the city park in Goshen, Indiana.

Because I knew what was on tap for Sunday I knew the “why”.  They were in the staging area getting ready to take off for the Elkhart County Fair parade.

The Eight in Parade

And here we have them standing patiently in the parade line up.


This?  This looks like a big Holstein cow tailgating awful close to a truck.


Oh, I get it!  HRH Molly Moo has arrived and now the fair can really begin.

Sheesh!  Nothing like being fashionably late, like by…oh I don’t know, three whole days!

Did I guess each picture correctly Jake?

And hey Jake, if you’re reading this… tell me, why is the lens on your cell phone so…mud spotted?


7 thoughts on “Mystery Photos 1-4

  1. Gosh the horses look so grand all “dressed up” for the event. Just beautiful……and I agree with you about Molly Moo – she’s tailgating just a bit too close for comfort!!!!

    Pam and Sam


  2. Yep, same spot as always for staging before the parade. Jim went over to watch on Sunday, maybe I’ll get to the fair grounds later in the week. Would love to see Todd & Jake.


    1. I got the low down on that lens thing and you are right. Jake was inside the cab of a “bobcat” when he took that shot for me. A man at the fairgrounds “put him in charge” of keeping the manure scrapped/pushed to the back of that cement holding thing and had him use the fairgrounds bobcat whenever it was necessary. ;) No shortage of things, even at a horse show, to keep that kid entertained. You know your brother would’ve been right there with him too.


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