Pouring It

*You’re gonna notice at the end of this post that I’m clearly days of the week challenged and maybe a little bit looking forward to my family coming home this weekend.


You don’t need me to tell you that there’s been a lack of water out here in the Mid-West.  Yup, even in Northern Michigan it’s been uncharacteristically dry, though thank goodness not near as bad as our precious corn belt states.


The lack of rainfall was good and bad for our first cutting hay.  It was great in terms of getting it cut, baled and off the fields without the threat of rain to mess it up but the tons per acre was pretty low due to…you guessed it…the lack of water.


And as per the fun in farming rules of engagement…second cutting has so far been…well…thin.


As for our corn and soy beans?  Well, there’s still some time as we plant a late harvest kind of seed.


The good news is I heard we’re in for a three day rain starting today – you never know they may be right but in the meantime…


We’ll keep pouring the water to the horse paddocks here on the place.


And of course the flowers too!


Happy Weekend Friends and Family!


17 thoughts on “Pouring It

  1. Beautiful shots Dee….it’s been incredibly dry almost everywhere – fortunately the corn crop in this area hasn’t seemed to mind – it’s extra sweet this year but lots of other things are “shriveling on the vine” so to speak…..I love hollyhocks – yours are real “beauts” ! I’m sure the boys are looking forward to coming home as much as you are looking forward to seeing them coming up the drive!

    Pam (and Sam)


  2. Thanks for the lovely photos and info from another state………..we are green and lush here as we must have received a share of your rain.

    Love ya lots!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Yes, I’ve been seeing all the rain you guys have gotten these last few months (can you imagine all that rainfall in snow!?) not rightly fair, ya’ll should share better;)
      I have to be honest though… it’s been kinda nice not being so damp here!
      Love ya too.


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