Dividing Line…Or Something


I woke up at 3:30 this morning.

Tossing and turning in an effort to get back to sleep, I decided to save my energy and just get out of bed.  It was 4 a.m. and I was thinking that reading till midnight hadn’t been such a good idea.

This is the sunrise I saw and took pictures of two hours later.  I took a boat-load of flower pictures too from my walk around the yard but I’ll save those for…I was going to say “Flower Friday” but since this is Friday already and there are no other “F” days of the week, how about I just say, Another Time?  Great.



Yes, I was just going to say that!  A certain boy does needs to get home and mow that swath of grass in the pasture.  Personally,  it’s driving me slightly crazy.  It’s like a great big, in your face, shaggy dividing line between hayfield and lawn. Lawn and hayfield.  Sane and insane.  Here and there.  Up and down.  Tired and overtired.  Power and no power.  (Our electricity just went out here and I have 33% battery left on my computer – I better wrap this up).



I can of course crop out the ugly dividing line but in reality…it’s still there.  Calling me…No, not me Jake.  Calling Jake.  “Jaaaaaaaaaake…Come mow me”.



Stop this messing around Jake and you guys come home now.  If you don’t I’ll start weeding the woods or something.  I’ll do it!


11 thoughts on “Dividing Line…Or Something

  1. Do you know what we’ve seen down here a couple days this week? Rain. I needed to introduce myself during one of the showers, it had been so long.

    So what am I going to have to do again, that I thought I might be able to avoid for the rest of the summer? Cut the grass. I’m feeling Jake’s pain.


  2. What neat clouds….nice combo of shapes….indeed Jake needs to do a bit of trim work so you can have a nice LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG green bit instead of green with a mohawk hairdo in the middle. Love the photos!

    Pam (and Sam)


      1. Oh gee – I hadn’t thought about MOWhawk….you get credit for THAT one – I just thought it looked like a punk hairdo down the middle of the greenery! TEE HEE……great minds huh?????



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