Glenview Solar Fairies


So, do you see it?


The solar fairies!


How about now?


Fairies..yes, I know.  I know.  But it’s easier to explain (probably not swallow though) than how the sunlight is probably just bouncing around inside my camera lens.  I think.  I don’t even really know.  I’m just throwing stuff out there.  Anyone know?


I think it’s cool though.


Donnie said it would be cooler if he was on the road with the hitch. 

I’m in the midst of doing a series on all the horses here at Glenview and systematically going through the barn to get it done.  So if you are just joining in click his name for more information like age, weight, dress size, etc.


Him and Trooper are not only stalled next to each other in the barn but are turned out together every night.  They’re like sorority sisters or something.  I wonder if they go “paddock hopping”?  Never mind, I don’t want to know.


This is the Jake horse…I think. 


Whoever he is you’ve not met him yet.


I couldn’t stop taking pictures it was gorgeous this past Friday night. 


These were all so pretty just as they were that I decided to just post them up without any photo editing at all.


Some, well most of these, are either under-exposed or over-exposed…like this one.  My battery light flashing was only part of my issues.


This is maybe my favorite of the night. It’s of Teddy and he’s kinda special.  He’s one you’ve not met yet either…but soon.


14 thoughts on “Glenview Solar Fairies

  1. I finally got the girls to the MSU horse farms one afternoon this week – but only 15 minutes or so before the gate was closing. Both girls are like magnets to the horses – their polarities are, though, opposite. I almost have to pull my younger back out from between the fence rails, while my older keeps a good distance (mostly).

    Fabulous photos. The sun fairies are fun. Were you intentionally getting them into your shots after a while?


    1. I bet they had a good time! Hopefully you can get back again soon when you can spend more time. Oh! I have the dates for the Great Lakes International Draft Horse show. It will be October 18th – 21st. If you want, here’s the link to their site: Great Lakes Draft Horse Show
      Thank you, they are fun aren’t they? Actually, what I was trying to do was catch the rays coming over their backs. I was kinda shocked with what I got instead!


  2. We are going to miss seeing you guys and the horses and beautiful surroundings this fall. Makes you realize it even more when you see the horses and you know exactly how it looks there. One of the things I use to love was going into the barn at feeding time and having ever head pop out to see if you were the one with the feed. Guess that’s the big city part of me.


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